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Deion Sanders  You Gotta Believe! If U don't Believe in yourself Nobody else will. #Truth #Standtghtr #Prime5 #InmyPrime @TCCHfootball @_truthsports #21dayswithPrime


@tcchfootball our opponents and detractors are trying to win games and we're constantly winning lives!!! #Baptisms of our highschool football players. Thank u Pastors & coaches. Love y'all 2 life. @_truthsports #Standtghtr #Prime5 #InmyPrime #Truth @coachcfuller24

#21dayswithPrime Let's finish strong today baby. Give today all u gots and understand the expectation of today. This game of Life you're playing has eternal ramifications so u must play to win. Get your team together with structure,discipline,hard work,love,commitment and sacrifice. I believe in you but I need u to believe in yourself. #Truth #Standtghtr #Prime5 #InmyPrime @coachfuller24 @King_cason724 @Tk_blessed @Traceyeedmonds @Revjahwar @TCCHfootball @_truthsports YOU GOTTA BELIEVE @shedeursanders

Truth baby. The Truth creed. Please listen to what these kids say. #Truth

My main man at BSN sports Rob Coffman. He's a blessing to what all we do in the community and with @_truthsports & @tcchfootball #Truth @King_cason724 @coachcfuller24

#21dayswithPrime I gots mine on this wonderful Thursday. Get yours and stop procrastinating because it gets harder by the day. Life aint just about YOU OR ME. It's about what we do for others. God honors that and blesses that tremendously. Aint no reason i was supposed to play for 9 different professional teams but i was on call for others and not just for PRiME. #Thinkaboutthat #Truth #Standtghtr #Prime5 #InmyPrime @Revjahwar @Coachfuller24 @King_cason724 @Tk_blessed @Traceyeedmonds @TCCHfootball @_truthsports YOU GOTTA BELIEVE !

#21DayswithPrime i gots mine baby! #21million #Standtghtr #Prime5 #InmyPrime we're gonna bless a whole lot of folks and provoke change in the inner cities. Don't give up in tje dream because the dream didn't give up on you. #Truth @coachcfuller24 @traceyeedmonds @Tk_blessed @King_cason724 @nflnetwork @nfl #GamedayPrime @tcchfootball @_truthsports YOU GOTTA BELIEVE

@Ahart49 and Prime. All we need is kids with a desire and passion for education & athletics and we've got the rest. @tcchfootball @_truthsports #Truth

I invest in our future leaders daily. If u dont believe in our youth who will. #TRUTH @_truthsports YOU GOTTA BELIEVE !

#21DayswithPrime i gots mine baby and it was sooo darn hard because my back locked up on me! Whatever is worth havinv for u aint gonna be easy but whrn tje touch times show up please DON'T STOP! #Truth #Standtghtr #Prime5 #InmyPrime @Revjahwar @coachcfuller24 @King_cason724 @Diddy @Tk_blessed @tcchfootball @_truthsports YOU GOTTA BELIEVE ! @Traceyeedmonds

Just because they look like u look that dont mean they see what u see but when they do its such a beautiful thang. I love this young man too life!!! He wants it,prepares for the moment,works his but off,3.8 GPA,Responsible,respectful,saved and mature. Freshman starting QB 2021 @shedeursanders @TCCHfootball 3-0 #Truth

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