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Kiz  A house, a garden, a cat. Though saying a cat, a garden and a house would be closer to the Instagram truth.

Despite looking like something chewed it and then set fire to it, my rose has popped out the most beautiful flower on a spindly stem. I haven't kept roses before so if anyone has any tips, TELL ME. Before this poor thing dies off.

At the beach! In Scotland! And don't need wellies and an anorak!

"You rang?"

Satisfaction off the charts. Mr Lilly still thinks I am nuts (he would have thrown it in the bin halfway through if he had tried it!)

Birthday visit from Nephew. Look at that killer smile ❤️

The children playing Mariokart. 😝


Spot the cat. (And also my latest gumtree purchase, hello lovely vaguely Asian styled console table)

Nerdvana. I love these things. I build them and Mr Lilly makes supportive noises (and buys them)

The last tulips are starting to blow up and out. Still beautiful but sigh. I have enjoyed them so much this year.

Last night's Eurovision bingo card. Did I miss anything?

Goodbye flatpack couches. You were excellent till I got my Chesterfield. Tomorrow you go forth to be someone else's starter furniture *salute* #nabrusofa

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