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Kiz  A house, a garden, a cat. Though saying a cat, a garden and a house would be closer to the Instagram truth.

My kingdom for a working bathroom door! And a joiner to make it happen.

Fish tank has continence issues so Val and Steve McQueen have a new temporary abode while we squoosh sealant about. Alas Penny the new fish turned up her tail last week. In protest or disgust, we have no idea. 😕

Stuffed a load of not very happy carnivorous plants and a couple dried out succulents in the old fish tank. All the old leaves went urgh then coughed it and some quite surprising growth occurred. We now have a weird jungle that I am just leaving to itself for the most part.

Photographing black cats at night never goes brilliantly. Still, here she is on her favourite thing. Mr Lilly in his dressing gown!

I have a serious weakness for fairy lights. Not sure if this will be their final home but I love the warmth of the light reflected in the mirror so they can stay there for now.

Cheerful as ever.

Pic at my aunt and uncle's. Never fails to make me smile.

The rose I got at Gardening Scotland seems rather chirpy. Lots of new growth and flowers. I think it is called Irish Eyes?

Despite the leaves looking a bit worse for wear, my chilli plant is fruiting enthusiastically. Gonna make sambal soon!

Got a new set of bedding from TK Maxx. Beautiful but VERY white. In a house with a black cat and a husband who seems to grubby up his pillowcases in a matter of minutes, this seemed unwise. So they went into a large vat of tetley. Turned out quite nicely I think. A sort of warm cream shade after washing and drying.

New book shaped box to put photos in. The title made me laugh so I had to have it. 😆

Spent a cheery morning with nephew while @unblinkered wuz on the radio. He is such a wee flirt. ❤️

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