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Chase DeHart  @cultcrew @etniesbmx @danscompinstagram @animalbikes @etnies @peepgameltd @reshoevn8r @ethikclothingco : link to 2017 Cult video below :

Always wanted to ride these but we got kicked out in 2 minutes : filmed by @veeshermang

I can't thank the guys in this photo, and everyone else involved in @etniesbmx for being such a huge part of bmx all these years and carrying on an impact that was made on me and bmx since I was 15 years old watching FORWARD, I can't believe I had the honor to be apart of this DVD, it blows my mind to say I've worked with @salty_bastard and @mikemanzoori for this DVD, I don't know how this happened but it's something I will hold onto forever! Thank you @etniesbmx @will_stroud @mikemanzoori the etnies team and to everyone who supports us and who will appreciate this video, Mike and Will are truly amazing at what they do and capable of creating a feeling in a video that I honestly don't think can be matched. #forward #grounded #chapters : photo by @devonhutchins

In L.A for the week for the @etniesbmx DVD premiere, got to visit @cultcrew today and link up with some of the crew to ride, chillin lines with @dakroche : filmed by @veeshermang

Bored at the park today, whip was trash i wasn't really into this.. : filmed by @_daleisdale_

etnieschapters . .Global / regional premier info coming ASAP !! .
Premier 8/18/17. 8pm at the @berrics . .
Release date: September 11th .

@united_nathan @_bennyl

@theaaronross @devonsmillie @dehart856 @tommydugan @chasehawk . .
An @etnies film by @mikemanzoori and @will_stroud . .
Limited edition @digbmx X #etnies Chapters book. .Keep checking back with #etnies and #digbmx for more info.

Was by some old spots this morning : filmed by @dpuzz #southjersey @cultcrew @animalbikes @danscompinstagram @etniesbmx

This past week has been the most fun I had on a trip in a long time. Huge thank you to @4downdistro @animalbikes @fo0man @ifathead @peteradam @dan_boiski @tonash1 @_mikehoder @dom0m1 @malickch4m @creasemeister @monsterenergy and anyone I'm forgetting for making the trip what it was : photo by @peteradam petaaaaa adam #london

Hit some amazing spots but Got rained out the other day and ended up at the indoor park for the bike night, shout out @dan_boiski for inviting us : filmed by @peteradam @dan_boiski @fo0man @animalbikes

Instagram maintnence at staple spots in London, I love it here : filmed by @dom0m1 @fo0man @4downdistro @animalbikes

In London for the next week filming a video, couple little clips from today with a @ifathead cameo at the end haha : filmed by @fo0man @4downdistro #london

Made it to London, off the plane and on no sleep so I'm feeling kinda sketchy but I'm hyped to be here, see everyone tomorrow at #thestreetseries : filmed by @fo0man @4downdistro

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