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her celluloid self  Dehanza Rogers. Assistant Professor of Film at Cornell University. Filmmaker. I fashion narratives. Los Angeles. New York. Atlanta.

Students in @cornellpma's cinematography class workshopping a scene from the advanced filmmaking class. Under the table, @litegear's LiteMat 4. #pma4420_s17 #pma4585_s17 #CUatTheSchwartz #cornell

Yo. I hear this never happens. As in, Cornell never closes. Yesterday's message read, "most students live on campus anyway, so yea, I'm gonna need you to turn in those TPS reports before you leave." I don't teach on Tuesdays. Home eating this freshly made pumpkin loaf while writing this script. The high in LA today? 83 😜

So sayeth The Wall Chart of World History (1988).

Living on the East coast means when I'm living my insomniac life all my folk are still up on the West coast. Most likely dranking and cavorting, but still finding time to keep me sane.

Oh climate change. Got that 70+ weather in Ithaca today. Watching water fall.

Missing California more than usual today. So my pencil of choice for this week's Thursday Research Day is the @blackwing 530. #Eureka ! #GoldRush

Finally got that "Kindred" in graphic novel form. My Saturday morning reward for a productive week. Also, can we talk about Alison Kinney's "hood" and just her in general? Because, yea. #HighTopFadesForYoMama

Had the opportunity to participate in the sacred and in community last night... the thing I'm sorely lacking in my life these days. Wonderful moments of healing, power, good eats and great conversation. I was honored to be asked to participate but most importantly I got to spend time with my favorite Ithaca dog, SMUDGE. The sweetest of Rez dogs.

Friendship is a glorious thing. Warms the heart, just like this Mexican Hot Chocolate will. This nice little package showed up today. He didn't even want to chance me not having cinnamon and cayenne. Good looking out Chris!!!

Thank you to my very talented friend, @felischam for joining us at @cornellpma for the #HeermansMcCalmon Event. The students really loved your writing workshop and I was so proud to have another #Bruin join us at @cornelluniversity. #UCLATFT #pma4585_s17 #pma4420_s17 #CUAtTheSchwartz

Yo. I can’t even tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to today. How is it only the 3rd week of the semester? Still sick, but the voice is better. No classes to teach. Slept in. Cleaned my apartment. Finally cooked these amazing kimchi egg bacon tacos with @milkimchi. Yummy in my tummy. Now I’m off to lounge on the sofa and watch my huge backlog of TV shows. Any suggestion of new shows is welcomed. #TorpidTuesday

That's a wrap! Proud of the work students from both classes put in on a Sunday. Great job @cornellpma! Our guest cinematographer @perkpiks taught them a lot. Three Co-Directors. A skillful AD in the making. A strong camera team. Lots of hustle from G&E. Some thoughtful performances. A scripty who took wonderful notes. A problem solving sound team. A producer who made things easier. And good set etiquette all around. Thanks again to @litegear for their support! #pma4420_s17 #pma4585_s17 #HeermansMccalmon #litegear #litemat #CUAtTheSchwartz

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