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Flower Resin Craft  💕Sharing my hobby, trial, and error with UV resin craft & dried flowers 🇮🇩Jakarta, ID DM instagram if you're interested in my craft

Kero #bagcharm that will go to #Comifuro for IDR 80k! Two weeks to go 😉Will release the item catalogue soon. Last stock! My supplier didn't have this bezel anymore 😭 I also want to thank you for those who had messaged me and even bought my craft. Your support is much appreciated 😊

Closer blurry look on the #babybreath crystal ball 😂 Just realize the focus is not on the ball. For newer crystal ball, I used bigger baby breath. By the way, I just had my first ever hit&run customer who asked for clearer picture and even a discount, to only cancel when it's time for payment. Hopefully no other crafter will have to experience this 😫
#pendant #kawaiicharms #resincharm #kawaii

#Amaranth crystal resin ball.
Will be ready stock soon 😃 Great for Valentine gifts 😘 DM me if you have questions about it.
This amaranth crystal ball is the hardest one to make. The flowers have so many petals so the resin might have some little bubbles in it.
.#resincharm #kawaiicharms #kawaii

------close order until comifuro 3rd march---
Many asked about the size of the crystal resin ball. It's actually small. Around 1.3 cm in diameter. Definitely beautiful as a pendant 😉 DM me if you have any questions.
Sorry about the lighting, it's rainy season here 😫

Crystal resin ball necklace. White is #babybreath, blue is #hydrangea, purple is #amaranth. This was kinda hard to make, especially the amaranth. The crystal ball is beautiful and I have taken one for myself😝
If you are interested, it's IDR 80k ($8)pendant only. Some may have asked why it is so expensive. Well, this pendant uses a lot of UV resin if that explains it 😫 Since it's prone to failure, I will only make a little of these each time and announce when it's ready stock.

The good news is I will bring this pendant to #comifuro10 on March 3rd 2018
#comicfrontier #comifurox

This was an experimental piece, probably will not stock except there's a request. Will use my remaining deer for an upcoming event which is Comifuro X Jakarta 😄 I will sell my crafts there. This blue #deer #resin bezel turned out so beautiful 😍 I used #edelweiss & #babybreath flower.
Have you seen my #giveaway post? There's still time, I will announce the winner tomorrow

As my promise before, here's to cheer for my 100 followers! #Moon and #cat necklace with #edelweiss flower😘 The #giveaway is open to Indonesia and worldwide followers:
1. Follow @degrata.craft
2. Tag 3 of your friends in the comment section of this post
3. Post this post on your IG Story and tag @degrata.craft 😄 Please set your account to public so I can see it.
Winner will be chosen randomly and announced on 15th January.
Ps: my follower hasn't hit 150 yet, your chance to win this giveaway might be bigger than you think.

It might be a little early but Happy New Year from #Kero 😘! Swipe left for its transparency look. Who's excited for new #cardcaptorsakura anime in 2018? Magical girl fans unite! 😆
By the way the filler supplies for this charm is limited, may not be able to restock the same one as this photo. if you're interested in this charm just DM me

#cuteaccessories #cutecharm

Christmas is near 😍 Star bezel with colored resin I bought from Daiso is here. The color is very thin though. ❗Need advice from fellow resin crafter.❗ What resin coloring is good to retain its transparency? I've heard it's alcohol ink but it's not available here 😭
Photo is taken by @clarissawangsa and friends! Very honored to be chosen for their photography assignment.

Amaranth globe flower is very suitable for resin. The color doesn't fade when dried, and does well when cured in resin. @diypantry told me about this flower and even gave me some to grow. Thank you ci Mei 😍 It grows VERY fast in tropical climate.
The second photo is my experiment trying to make a rounded resin with this flower. End up destroying it because I forgot my mold is not transparent! The sunlight can't get inside the mold so I had to flip it manually like cooking a takoyaki 😂

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