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Brian DeFrees  πŸš™FA5/DC5 🏍DRZ-CRF-YZ 🍊man in🀘🏻TX my travel photos: @triplapser

one of my favorite things about London: abundance of Mini Coopers

fell asleep at SXSW and woke up here

Happy St. Patty's day from @mastodonrocks | #sxsw2017

It only took 30 years to cross this one off the #bucketlist . Never thought the first time would be in Texas but it's so awesome to be able to drive from Austin surf and come back in the same day. I'm hooked πŸ„πŸ»

didn't get to drive this weekend but got a lot of free golden hour dust baths while shooting these photos which was almost just as fun

got to take the RSX for a few more laps before I broke it again this weekend. #workinprogress

didn't get to @socalsupermoto as planned but I did get to drink beer out of a skateboard when a random skater passed by, saw my ATXgames hat and told me how he snuck onto the ramps at xgames and then pulled a few tricks before getting thrown out #CALIasfuck

@everytimeidie show on valentine's day...metal trumps love. 🀘🏻❀️

Even thought it's been closed for years we got a good number of laps in and even had a crowd watching us before we got kicked out. Would love to see it open again someday, total blast to ride!


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