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Big congrats to one of my closest friends and training partners Corey on getting his black belt today. He was one of the first guys to befriend me at the "dark ages" of our Jiu Jitsu journey back in Hoboken. If it wasn't for his friendship and camaraderie especially in my early Jiu Jitsu days I may not be here now still training, and I know he continues to do the same for many there guys we train with. *
Shoutout and congrats to everyone else who got their promotions/ stripes, them thangs do not come easy.

It was supposed to be 25 cents a cup, and I got a cup each, they charged us a dollar. Heehee. We handed them a fiver.

17.1 in the books!

War on drugs. PR Blend. #caffeineandkilos #boristhegrey

You win or you learn. That day, I learned. *
Late post and a well overdue congratulations and thanks to my friend and training partner @showtheartabe for putting together an amazing event with even better competitors. What started as an idea, has evolved into a top notch competition offering the best grapplers not only a platform for their art, but also a big step in professionalizing the Jiu Jitsu competitive landscape by giving everyone a chance to take home some cash. *
If you haven't already, give @showtheartx a follow and listen to their @showtheartpodcast with @amesypie.

Missin @ray_christopher and @saritaaah's lil man, Carter. It's wild y'all are parents. See you soon bud! #whatshishashtag?

3 seater in the @baonanas Benz.

I was gonna go 3, then decided to do 4, but ended up doing a 5k recovery row, after a 23 hour fast ✊🏽. I'm beginning to love this machine. I've long neglected my aerobic work, but I'll spend more time this year sharpening my tools. ALL my tools. Stay ready so you don't have to get ready.

Dope BW candid photo cc: @journeyintodaddyhood
Ninja skills, I never see him take these shots that he posts. From one of this week's 6am's, looking for a heavy triple.

This cutie is my friend's furry companion Bella, age 6. She's a great dog and currently looking for a loving and reliable home. If you or anyone else you may know might be interested, please contact me and we can set an appointment to meet her. Feel free to reach out for more info and if you'd be so kind as to spread the word. Appreciate y'all!

Mc has this weird relationship with a crossing guard we've never actually met, someone we've affectionately named Guadalupe. Every morning on our way to drop her off at work, they wave hi to each other. The other day, I was finally able to sneakily get it on film hah. It makes her morning somehow, as you can tell.

THIS is the M O M E N T