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DMG Defense Marketing Group  *No Firearm Sales* -Weapons photography, marketing and website design. 🔥🔥We have the Best Photographers and Biggest Network in the gun industry.🔥🔥

@108Performance S I G H T P I C T U R E
Photo by @iDaveMoore

From @primaryweapons
Black Out Blow Out is live! Amazing pricing on 16” .300BLK items in our cannon store!! #pws #primaryweapons #primaryweaponsystems #300blk #300blackout #ar15 #gunsofig #gunstagram #pewpewpew

⚡️from @night_fision ⚡️
Let’s play a game! We just passed 7,000 followers here on Instagram and figured it was time for another contest.
How many Night Fision Rear Sights are on the table? .
Rules are simple. .
1. Comment below with your best guess and tag 3 of your friends.
2. Follow @Night_Fision on Instagram
3. Click on the link in our Instagram bio or go to to sign up for our email list. .
All rules must be followed. Closest guess (one entry/each) gets a free set of Night Fision sights (your pick) and a SWAG pack. Challenge your friends by sharing. Contest ends 7/27/18 at 11:59pm EST and the Winner will be announced via video from the @TriggrCon Show. .
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@usoptics_official B-17 Scope and @zro_delta 34mm Scope Mount on this FN DMR. -
Photo by @YoungBuckDave

@Tulster EDC IWB Holster in CF Black for G43 with @TyrantCNC Mag Release. -
Photo by @GregSkazPhotography

@Sal_Gunz with a badass 9mm build with a @SharpsBros / @AngstadtArms Receiver Set, @TyrantCNC LWP Billet Grip, @HolosunOptics HS510C Red Dot, @BallisticAdvantage Barrel, @CMCTriggers 9mm Trigger and a @CrossMachineTool ZCOMP-L Muzzle Device.
@republicrifle Cerakote

New PDW project build with a @TacticalLink PDW Grip, @Hexmag Magazine with @Springer_Precision EZPAD Max Mag Extension, @RainierArms Receiver Set and a @FortisMfg Night Rail and Shift Vert Grip. -
Photo by @SteveCoulston

The @PrimaryWeapons MK107 MOD 2-M is a must-have for those wanting a shorter barrel while still maintaining pistol classification. The “Diablo” as it’s come to be known, is easily recognized by its 7.75” barrel topped with our CQB muzzle device. Designed to replace MP5 style weapons, this firearm was designed to be a sleek yet sturdy option for shooters wanting the most compact, while still reliable, AR available.⠀

Photo by @AR15NEWS

@Sal_Gunz has the best Gunz -
@SanTanTactical Billet Receiver Set
@CMCTriggers Flat Trigger
@BallisticAdvantage 8.3" 300BLK Barrel

Krytos Industries has teamed up with industry partners to offer a new range ready package giveaway to one lucky social media fan valued at over $2,900!

1. Enter sweepstakes at
2. Enter your email address and follow each company’s social media page.

Every EDC deserves a NeoMag!! -
From @theneomag
The FN509’s are FN Awesome!! -
Got the Extended Clip NeoMag for a little deeper Pocket Carry. -
Photo by @YoungBuckDave

Made from precision machined, high-grade billet aluminum, the @KillerInnovations “GP” base pad is plenty strong enough for the most demanding user and can withstand hitting the concrete/ground over and over again. Shown here on an @ETSGroup Mag with the @KillerInnovations Mag Well and Trigger and an @L2D_Combat Evolution G17 Complete Slide. ⠀
Photo by @TracerXPhoto

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