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Zigi Is Better Than U💅🏽  Defend/Support Zigi👼🏽


@sarasurraya was also there xx!! They look so beautiful😩
Who is the man?is it the youtuber they met once again?🤔
Thanks to my friend for sending the pics xx

@hereforzigii @zee_x_gee_

Srsly I can't take the people serious who compare Perrie and Gigi or other woman only bc they dated the same guy,last time I saw a page posted that boomerang post from Perrie and no one said something about Gi than I read the comments ,,Gigi can't realte'' ,,Gigi is shaking'' or ,,Zayn fucked up'' are you fucking serious?Zayn and Gigi don't care about perrie&alex and Perrie and Alex don't care about Zayn&Gigi srsly how old are you?accept it finally you can ship what you want but drag other people down isn't okay!why you drag other woman down we should support each other and don't call each other names or make fun about their body's or whatever.The most funny thing for me is if a random magazine say something about your idol you guys say yea it it isn't true but if they say something about the person you disslike you believe it like serious??the best example is where a magazine said that Gi want to talk with perrie bc of sotme and people really believe this bullishit🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ stop compare them,both are beautiful and both live they life's!support your idols but don't hate on them and yes I also mean Zigis bc they aren't innocent too!and mixers....yea you already know my opinion about half of them🤔

Daily reminder: You all are beautiful in your own way and don't listen to the people who call you names they don't deserve your attention.

Idiots can only judge but don't know what's behind it...

There are so much more #malikxhadid moments like more posts about each other other likes or comments but that would be too much haha x
CREDIT TO @ZIGI.AF (for the one video ) CREDIT TO @ZIGIPHOTOS (for the one pic) and CREDIT TO @DEFENDING.ZIGI (to the last video )

I even tried it with my pics and other paparazi pics and it always was that weird like haters say it would be a proof that this pics are photoshop:)x

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