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DEETRANADA  you know why they call me one take toni?


just like Bas said: “we ain’t buying none of that 🙊” #istandwithkaepernick

what y’all doing for Halloween?

when the teacher turn the lights back on after y’all watch a video

I forgot I took this lmfao


I literally have to do absolutely nothing to get people pressed, im about to have to fun now

smh a whole throw back, I was so happy dressing like this but y’all adults be too cruel 😂 ain’t nobody tryna push the “gay agenda” to ya kids. Soon as I came on TV looking different from the other girls y’all seen everybody went everyyyyywhere calling me “dyke” and all types of stuff 🤣🤧 MOSTLY THE ADULTS. Crazy how people be wanting me to “look more like a girl” and then turn around and freak out when they daughter showing skin, y’all got me chopped 😂 any girl reading this or any boy reading this, do you 😂 people don’t know what they be talking about on god, live like how you wanna live, dress how you wanna dress 🤦🏽‍♀️ people ignorant and they can’t do you better than you can do you. This was random but I saw a throwback of me and got sad 😂

I’m short smh

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