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Deer Meat For Dinner

35 weeks and already looking like I'm going to pop!! #emmajean #bigbelly #onemonthaway #cantwaittomeetyou #babysister

Getting ready for tomorrow!!! First day of mini season and an awesome get together with fans from all over!!! Meet us at Boondocks Grille on Ramrod Key from 5:30 to 8!

I love my days spent with this sweet girl!! First we went out for breakfast, then I took her to Build-A-Bear for the first time and she picked out this adorable bunny. It hasn't left her side since she got it! 😍 #preciousmoments #mybaby #mommydaughterday #soakingupeverysecond

The #ALLTIME #BIGGEST #BONITA I've ever seen!!!

Snook fishing in the canal! This fish drug me thru the mud and back, but we got er done! #outdoorrepublic

"Nesting" at its finest! Aria wanted to help Mommy build their new dresser 😊

Aria is practicing for Emma!! 😍

Who's ready for mini season??? We're headed down to the Florida keys!!! I just spoke to the manager at Boondocks Bar and Grill on Summerland Key and told them I was going to do a get together on the afternoon of July 26th at 5:30pm. If you're in the area and want to say hi, I'll be there! If you think you'll swing by, please leave a comment so we have a clue as to how many people may show up... thanks and I'll see ya there!!!

When you spent the past 45 minutes looking for the remote, only to give up and find it in the dryer after it already completed a full cycle πŸ™ˆ Aria clearly wanted to help Mommy! 😬 #friedremote #mommylife #itwasniceknowingya

When your baby refuses a nap, this is what happens a few bites into dinner! #tiredbabe #earlybedtime #nightynight #blessherheart

Last day of the Big Buck Expo here in Lakeland!! If you're around, come say hi! πŸ‘‹πŸ» #bigbuckexpo #deermeatfordinner #outdoorrepublic

New Doe with a brand new Fawn!!! These #Spartan #Game #Cameras are amazing!!! We need a name for momma and baby!!! I will be doing a video to announce the names very soon!

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