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Alicia  Ill wear boots instead of high heals. I play with dead things and sew stuff. Southern soul Milwaukee livin.

Ranch dressin

Hi I just want attention.

So thankful every day little dude kicked cancers ass twice. 🤘🏿

I should get one free pass because I'm from Florida and we're dumb and don't make people pay to park at their homes. My work also forgot to pay me for 20 hours again. Today rules.

Two dog beds two blankets and breakfast in bed. His level of comfort pisses me off but I love him.

Fact. Broads make better sandwiches.

On this day for the last three years I made rad stuff. If only I could find where I left my passion because as of lately I have zero creativity left in me.

Thank you for the gift of cheesecake. ❤

This weekend was great. The weather, bikes, coffee, food, friendships and ending every night in excruciating sciatica pain.

I wanna play

Went to buy me somethin nice and heart shaped but y'all lied with that 70%off meme.