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CHICAGO! MEXICO CITY! NY! If you could see more of this picture you'd see I'm wearing my "I'd rather be in Mexico City" sweatpants, my custom "I'd rather be in NYC" Jordans and my "I'd rather be in Brooklyn" fanny pack. Not really my best outfit. (6/2 Chicago, Do-Division Festival) (6/3 Chicago, Empty Bottle) (6/6 Mexico City, Foro Indie Rocks!) (6/9 Brooklyn, Elsewhere) (6/11 NYC, Le Poisson Rouge). Ticket link in bio!

Double Deerhoof Birthday! Happy Birthday, Deron! You're the best soundperson, dog squeezer, vegan restaurant locator and friend we could ever hope for! Treat yourself today! 🍪🍰🍦💕

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GREG! If my calculations are correct, only 6 more flights and 2 more days and you'll finally be home from our tour. When you finally get back, we hope you have a fun and happy day! We're so lucky to have you in our lives! ❤️💕

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOHN! You have always been truly one of kind, even in the wild world of full contact robot battling. We consider ourselves lucky to have found you that day, laying among the wreckage of your fallen metal gladiator. We nursed you back to health, put a guitar in your hands and it's kept you on the straight and narrow, away from the mecha-battlefields that have claimed so many lives. You make us proud! We love you!! 💕

One of my biggest heroes, Glenn Branca, passed away today. I can't encourage you enough to check out his music, his band and symphonies. He showed me the power and beauty of the guitar and music in a way that no one else ever has, a true innovator. The first time I met Glenn, he had come to see a band I was in (The Flying Luttenbachers), he and the drummer Weasel were old friends but we'd never met. I had never felt so much pressure, I felt like I had to do Glenn proud. I poured everything into that show hoping I would even register as a blip in his world. After the show Glenn came up and it was more than I could have ever hoped for. He flipped out about my playing, saying the kindest, most touching things anyone ever has to me, one being -"If Hendrix were here he would have crapped his pants!". I'll always carry his validation with me, it's one of my proudest moments and instantly made me feel like I was on the right path. He'll be missed but I'll always carry him with me. Check out his music! I hope it'll mean as much to you. - Ed

This Paris show's only 2 days old, and there's already this killer vid of two of the songs (up at I can still smell the rosemary thyme crisps from backstage on my fingers, and my jetlag has not even come close to subsiding. I just want to say that I love playing in this band. - John

We finally found a safe way to transport Satomi from show to show. PARIS TONIGHT! At Trabendo for Le Beau Festival at 10:30pm!

Brighton Festival, TONIGHT! Thanks to guest director @davidshrigley for inviting us! @we_are_stargaze opens with a set of Fugazi songs arranged by our own Greg and then we all play together at the end! A very special night, all of the Deerhoof males and females are excited!

Watching John and Satomi getting the monitor mix adjusted today I realized how many times I've seen them in this pose, fingers in their ears, ready to deal with the ever present possibility of screaming feedback. Oh, the dangers we endure on the road! Ljubljana, Slovenia at Kino Siska TONIGHT with @wrekmeisterharmonies! The tour continues...!!!

WAKE UP!!! Tour starts today! Donaufestival in Krems, Austria at 11pm! GET UP!!

I miss that Fonzie shirt but I'd totally wear this rabbits outfit on stage if I could get a hold of it. This rabbits got CLASS.

We're curating Sled Island in Calgary! A few more of our selections were announced today! PRISSY WHIP! EMPATH! SOLID FREEX! Along w Cherry Glazerr, Shabazz Palaces, Tyondai Braxton, Wye Oak, Eucadamix and Guerilla Toss, this line up is so amazing! Thanks to all of you for playing!

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