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Deepkiran Kaur  👳🏽‍♀️Turbaned bakerer of vegan goods 🍰. Wife of a murse 👳🏽. Mama to Japjeevun Singh 👶🏽. Lover of all things pink 💕. So on and so forth.

So....I did it again. Late night baking escapade. This time it was those vegan chocolate cupcakes again but with a marbled chocolate and vanilla frosting. I really like how these turned out. And can you tell how much I love mini Oreos? 🤷🏽‍♀️

Today I tried vegan desserts from the Vegan Street food truck. Were they good? Yes. But was it “5 bucks for 3 small chocolates and 4 bucks for raw vegan lemon coconut square” good? Probably not. Maybe next time I’ll give their food a try. Still nice to see an all vegan food truck 🌱

Yasss. Thanks A&W for introducing the Beyond Meat burger. 🙌

Mister Tegh Singh’s Mickey themed cake smash cake! Vegan chocolate cake with vanilla frosting complete with sprinkles and Oreos. The original cake topper was created by @blackandwhitebakeshop for Tegh Singh’s first birthday cake.

Today this chocolate cake is going in the oven. Phew! What a weekend 🙌

When I say I’m passionate about baking, I mean it. I’ll stay up late until I’m completely satisfied with the end result. Here’s a gluten vegan banana bread beside a gluten free vegan banana bread. Goodnight 😴

After devouring one of these double chocolatey bad boys, my husband lectured me about starting my own vegan bakery. I think the sugar got to his head 🤔 but I’ll consider it. Maybe one day...

Amen. Always freezing my ass off ❄️☃️ #Repost @someecards with @get_repost
Anyone else freezing at work? #ecards #summerproblems

It’s amazing how many tourists come and see this sculpture downtown. Come visit me next door instead...jk. Leave me alone 😩

Vegan at Starbucks: macadamia cookie and a coffee frappe with coconut milk (tastes like an ice capp)😍 and it only cost me an arm and a leg 🤷🏽‍♀️ #worthit

After a looong day of doing the regular day to day stuff, finally went upstairs to shower and I see a Mothers Day gift on our bed from my husband: wow do I feel like a lucky lady 😍 also Happy Mother’s Day to all the cool moms in my life. I love and appreciate all of you. It’s not easy I tell you but it’s so worth it.

Mister’s first Nagar Kirtan 💙

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