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D E E P D U Z T  We are all on the way to becoming better :) To purchase, WhatsApp at +6596452020 (will reply within 24 hours insyaaAllaah ✨✨)

1) #slaxbydeepduzt - Latte, Cream, Granite (last piece), Pearl (last 2 pieces)
2) #hasyabydeepduzt - Smoke (last 2 pieces), Spruce, Rose
3) #nuhabydeepduzt - Pearl (last 2 pieces), Cream
4) #haylabydeepduzt - SOLD OUT
5) #deepduztshawls - Tart, Apricot (last piece), Dunes, Taffy <Click on the respective hashtags for more details. Orders to be placed via WhatsApp at +6596452020 only 🌷>

Wish I could pick everyone who participated. So, here's a littttleeeee gift from me to those who participated. The next time you make a purchase, just send me a screenshot of your post for #deepduztxgiveaway (I can't remember every single person who participated, sorry. Wish I could, lol!) and you're entitled to $3 off your total purchase. :) Happy shopping! #deepduztxgiveaway

Congratulations to @dinahmarini & @msrrjjrsrsdzdz for winning 🌷 Winners will be contacted soon! I decided to draw lots because it is obviously impossible for me to choose a winner based on the best post cos I truly appreciate the thoughts put into every single post. Thank you all for participating. We will be having more of these giveaways insyaaAllaah! Stay tuned 🌸 #deepduztxgiveaway

Btw, #haylabydeepduzt in Flamingo and #slaxbydeepduzt in Pearl are left with less than 3 pieces each. So... fastest fingers first okay? ✨🌷

Wearing #haylabydeepduzt in Flamingo ($27), #slaxbydeepduzt in Pearl ($32) and deepduzt shawl in Fossil (sold out) ✨ #deepduztshawls

Decided to venture out of my comfort zone today. Matched #haylabydeepduzt in Flamingo (I rarely wear pink to be honest, lol!) with #slaxbydeepduzt in Pearl (love it cos it isn't translucent!). Ahh.. and of course with a deepduzt shawl in Fossil (sold out) 🌸 #deepduztshawls <Btw, the winners for the giveaway will be announced tomorrow morning, InsyaaAllaah! Thanks all for participating in #deepduztxgiveaway. Love, Syaf>

I share clothes and shawls with my Mum too! Also, I am super selective about what I sell on Deepduzt. Comfort is key 🌷 #deepduztreviews

I really really really wish to return to Makkah and Madinah. It was the best trip of my life and I'm sure I'm not the only one who yearns to return 🌷 (Photo by lovely @anaraihanah wearing her Deepduzt shawl in Dusty Purple - currently sold out) ✨ #deepduztshawls

Everything good comes from Allaah. I'm honoured to be chosen as the platform for you to have access to syariah-compliant garments and shawls :) Alhamdulillaah. #whatmotivatesme #deepduztreviews

To be honest, I stained my blouse a little but that's kind of inevitable when you're out and about with a toddler, right? Shall embrace these moments 😎 | Wearing Deepduzt shawl in Black (sold out), #hasyabydeepduzt in Spruce ($35) and #slaxbydeepduzt in Latte ($32) ✨ #deepduztshawls

Details ✨ (Naufal is getting better at this!!) | Wearing #hasyabydeepduzt in Spruce ($35) and #slaxbydeepduzt in Latte ($32)🌷

It's midweek! 🌷| Wearing Deepduzt shawl in Black (sold out), Hasya blouse in Spruce (available in limited pieces) and wide Slax pants in Latte (available in limited pieces). #deepduztshawls #hasyabydeepduzt #slaxbydeepduzt

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