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Assalamo alaykom wa rahmatullahi wa barakato brothers and sisters. I got this message via dm. Please read .
"Please please brothers and sisters help me raise money for my cousin brother who is seriously ill and battling with cancer and is on his last stages. The family is urgently in need with medication and are struggling to pay for the medical costs. I would really appreciate if you can kindly even give just a pound. It would make a big difference for him and his family. He is only 14 years old. To read more about his story please click on the link on my bio and please donate a little.

Please do keep him and his family in your duas. May Allah make it easy for all the people suffering with illnesses and cure them. .

May allah reward you for every cent you give in sadaqa for this poor brother.. ameen. .
Please share it on your account so that they can get the money as quickly as possible😢

❌Things that people usually waste❌ ● Food (by throwing it in the garbage when full instead of eating it, don't take more than you will eat on your plate)
● Water (be careful even when showering or brushing your teeth
● Money 💰
Comment if you can think of anything else that we shouldn't waste
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