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“Do no harm, but take no sh💥t.”

If you don’t post a picture in front of the @kuwaharawholesale pumpkins are you even allowed to celebrate fall/Halloween/Octoberween? 🎃🍁 ☕️If being this basic is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

Crammed in all of the things this weekend, and then some. 💕

“Hoping that somebody will meet your needs, and trusting his capacity to do so are two very different things.

If you are involved with somebody who has demonstrated they cannot keep their word, they can’t even get to where they’re going on time, they can’t complete what they started, you’ve seen it over, and over, and over again. While you may want them to meet a need, or to be a certain person, or to be there for you, you’ve seen that they can’t, which means that they don’t have the capacity.

And it’s not loving to ask somebody to do something they are unable or unwilling to do.” - Iyanla Vanzant •

Our WANTS so often outweigh what IS, that it blinds us. It took a long time to learn the lesson that no matter how hard I wanted someone to WANT to change, no matter how much I loved them, it was for naught if the person simply, was NOT fundamentally who I needed. When you place someone on a pedestal, they inevitably fall. Pain provides the greatest clarity. We get to our truths quicker each time we experience grief. Now I know how to proceed with for myself first and foremost. It’s a relief knowing I’ll never have to put myself through that madness again. ✨

Thinking a lot about new narratives. Changing my internal dialogue. I’m not interested in being a princess waiting for rescue. A damsel in distress. I want to be the hero. ⚔️ I’m the one I’ve been waiting for all along.

Once upon a time, I loved going to the gym. I went regularly. I loved Zumba, too. When I became a mom, life got so crazy (and unexpected) that the gym was the last thing on my mind. .
There were so many other things that took my focus, time, emotional, and mental energy. .
I still felt active, what with mom life and breastfeeding. I didn’t have to worry about weight. .
But recently I realized I could still do better. Self-care was non existent in my life. I started to think about my strength. Stamina. Keeping up with my boy for as long as I can, and the examples I want to set. .
I’ve felt an overwhelming need to purge recently. To clear the clutter. To get rid of things around my home that I don’t use, don’t wear, or is tied to a negative time of my life. .
I’ve felt the overwhelming need to sweat. To detoxify. Both in my space, and with myself. I need to move, sweat it out. All of it. Leave it behind. Lose it. Rid myself. You feel me? .
A recent series of events led to a shift in perspective. My hard times certainly haven’t passed, but I refuse to stay stagnant until they are “over”. .
I can feel myself bubbling up to the top of my troubles, and I know I can ride them like a peaceful warrior. In control of my ship, no matter how forceful the waves. I will show my son yes, there are times we are brought to our knees, rendered immobile. But then we rise, and rage.

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“If your nerve deny you, go above your nerve.” ✨ A most powerful set of words. A skill that only comes over time. But time is magical, and as you live through the “impossible”, you begin to rise, and it’s possible to rise to the top of your troubles, and ride them like a peaceful warrior. In control of your ship, no matter how forceful the waves. 🙏🏻 | 📸: @toddcollinsphotos

How are you still single? - everyone
Let me count the ways. 🙄
1- I’ve only been single for two seconds.
2- It’s the first time I’ve ever been single in my adult life, and I realize the tremendous value in not rushing that.
3- I’ve had a lot to heal from. A. LOT.
4- I don’t have a lot of free time, and I quickly learned there’s a list of things I’d rather devote that time to than meet with a stranger, start the get-to-know-you, only to never hear from them again.
5- When I’ve said: “date/dating/dated” here, I could not mean that more innocently. As in, went for food. Went for food a few times. End scene. I go back and forth on if I’m even ready to hold hands. True story.
6- I haven’t felt drawn to anyone enough to make the effort. Okay maybe once. Okay twice. But they either weren’t into me / suffered from, “the grass is always greener” mentality that is dating in 2018.
7- I’m still very much in progress, myself.
8- I trust the timing of my life, and know that when it’s time, the right people / opportunities will present themselves. What’s for me will never miss me.
9- I haven’t take online dating seriously, either. 10 - Leonardo DiCaprio hasn’t called me, yet.

Whenever I get to have the hair stylists and makeup artists of @gotbeautydotcom work their magic on me, I feel my best!❣️ I always have questions for them after; how to perfect beach waves, what the best concealer is, what to use for sensitive skin, what colors are trending for the next season, etc. The ladies are all so knowledgeable and quick to share their expertise because they truly want you to feel the best in your skin. ✨ Have makeup / hair questions? Want yours done for a special event? Head in and ask! | makeup: @torifaceplant hair: @brittneykeller_ 📸: @gotbeautyboss

“If your nerve deny you, go above your nerve.” 🖤 | 📸: @toddcollinsphotos

“I am deliberate, and afraid of nothing.” ⚡️

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