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We are the generation of "instant gratification"! Whatever we want, we want it NOW!
Traffic lights that turn red for 30 seconds drive us mad. Web pages that take long to load piss us off. Yoga poses we can't do frustrate us. Relationships that take time to mature annoy us...Even our prayers to whatever God we believe in carry an "I want it now" request...
Why are we in such a hurry all the time?
Why are we living on a diet of expectations and frustrations?
Why are we slaves to triggers that send our impatience over the edge?
Today's fast paced life seems to be accelerating our penchant for vapid living and our entitled notions have stripped us of our most beautiful quality: Our capacity for calm and composure...
With patience comes full flavour, total appreciation, a long and languidly beautiful journey and most of all, with patience comes the discovery of our Ray of light. Because with patience comes compassion to our own suffering, awareness of our own unhappiness, and the fortitude to access a calmness of mind that makes it easier to ride life’s ups and downs without being tossed about like a boat in a storm... #beherenow

Yoga at my Lebanese family home is a chaotic affair. Wherever I lay my mat, a gathering of a dozen or so relatives starts to creep up around my mat. They seek me out and lay their kahva (coffee) tray and sheesha two steps away from my mat and settle in for the "yoga show"...
10 years ago, I abhorred this staple pestering attitude of my (and every) lebanese family but today, completely in tune with the essence of my yoga practise, I not only smile at their bizarre invasion of my privacy but I seek them out, flocking towards their cultural traits like a stray sheep that has finally found its herd...
I am an Arab, however liberated and westernised I am.
I am Lebanese however many stamps adorn my English passport.
My roots are the strong foundation of my identity, planted on the ground that is my loving family. I live on a cocktail of separation and fusion and in the heart of my indulgent and free life lies an unquestionable love for the culture that birthed me... #lebanon #yogaeveryday #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere
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Disconnecting from everything to reconnect completely with nature was like being in the moment for five whole days. Can you imagine the magic that happened when I did that? The moment became all that I wanted and all that I needed. A sense of unconditional delight washed over me and something profound happened.
I was left with the feeling of becoming as nature is, doing as she does not under constraint but because she is free to take pleasure in all that she is and does.
My mind stopped and I was stuck in my heart for 5 days! and what a beautiful place to be stuck in...
Such peace, I can almost taste it.
How can I possibly recreate this in a concrete jungle?
How can I not be swept away by the mass epidemic of wanting what we don't have and needing more of what we do have?
How can I shield myself from the downward pull of a pervasive nearsighted society in which the virtuous fall and the corrupt rise?
I have found the antidote to my modern day life: nature!
I have realised during those five magical days that all things in nature are mine to delight in, and that the universe belongs to those who know how to delight in it...
We need to spend more time in our hearts and less time in our heads... #lebanon #quadishavalley #cedarsofgod

This village behind me is where I was born and where my heart will always be ❤️ #home

Happiness is such a confusing word with the most perplexing definition. In Between how we perceive it and how we experience it sprawls an overwhelming sea of pressure to "be happy". We all have different baselines and what makes some people happy makes others miserable and even our own baseline changes over time...
So perhaps it isn't about defining happiness or the pursuit if it, but rather about the happiness of the pursuit.
Perhaps trusting the process and owning the steps that get us to the light at the end of the tunnel must be what happiness is all about. This sense of being ever-empowered to walk fearlessly the challenging tunnels of life and "not wait for the light to appear at the end of them, but stride down and light the fucking things ourselves..." #dothework #ownit

You know those photographs of your past you avoid at all cost and those torturous feelings when you accidentally stumble upon him online? In this age of social media, it seems like the pain of a break up lives on in your feed making moving on infinitely harder...
Fast forward years later when you accidentally stumble upon him online and you hold your breath expecting the pain to flood back. But the pain never comes and you are left staring at just another picture of just another person.
You have finally let go and discovered that the pain you once drowned in, is now a drought you barely recognise.
I am one of those people who struggled immensely with the drama of my broken heart and I never punish myself for being stuck with the ghosts of my flashbacks and isolated in the story of my pain and anger. Acknowledging those dark days made me stronger...
A broken heart throws us to the winds of uncertainty, our fragility crushed by a tornado of fear and everything we thought we knew transformed by sorrow and crushed under the weight of lost dreams.
It's okay, let it be!
I have found my healing on a path of many tracks, tracks that run parallel to each other: the tracks of sorrow and joy. The tracks of anger and peace. The track of hope and resignation...To walk a one sided track would create the illusion of letting go, because the parallel track would eventually catch up with me, bringing me full circle back to emptiness...
To heal and let go, it became inevitable that I must explore all the tracks of my broken heart, to be in their discomfort and their awfulness while learning to jump tracks when the shit gets too heavy.
It took time and work to break down the pain into lessons and i knew I have let go when instead of recalling my past love with bitterness and anger, I smile as I recall what I loved about how I loved him...
Our lives are an accumulation of loves as well as losses and to live fully we must walk the awful and beautiful tracks of our pain with ease until we eventually stumble upon the liberating realisation that life is always uncertain and impermanent and love is beautiful even if it hurts #dothework #vanlifediaries

"The Buddha taught that the secret to life is to want what you have and to not want what you don’t have.
Being present means being present to the life that you have right here, right now.
There is freedom in taking life as it comes to us:
the good with the bad,
the wonderful with the tragic,
the love with the loss,
and the life with the death...
When we embrace it all, then we have a real chance to enjoy life, to value our experiences, and to mine the treasures that are there for the taking.
When we surrender to the reality of who we are, we give ourselves a chance to do what we can do..." ...#dothework #doyourbest

Why must I create a divide between "being" spiritual and "doing" me?
I love the idea of a spiritual path that empowers me to "be" and "do" at the same time...A path that allows my mind to be still, free and present.
A path that honours my choices.
My spirituality is one of love, compassion and acceptance. Of cycling, yoga, painting and hiking. Of partying, travelling and writing. Of meditating, dancing, fucking and connecting.
My spirituality is one of unabashed self-expression and fearless self-exploration.
To do "me", free from the webs of a so called respectable-modern-life where lies and social hypocrisy have become mandatory conditions for survival and success, detached from the hysteria of achievement and independent from the exigences of my own mind, is to spiritually connect with my "being"...
Sometimes it feels that we are trapped because we have chosen the spiritual path, we have elevated it onto a pedestal of intangibility and such esoteric notions that it has become inaccessible and hard to follow. We forget that it is our spirit that wants to laugh hysterically, dance wildly, touch with abandon and live freely...
#dothework #aimtrue #beyou #doyou #vanlifediaries #vanlife

"there is no war within you. You're on your own side, and you are your own strength."...
Through the consistent practise of yoga, I was humbled to discover how mistaken my approach to strength had been and how wrong I was about myself.
My strong outer body had been shielding a scared and insecure woman who was afraid of being left behind, of being vulnerable, of not being good enough. I was competitive in sports and reckless in the outdoors. Behind my ripped abs hid a confused heart and underneath my zero layers of body fat sat layers upon layers of inner turmoil. I came to Yoga to stretch my body, thinking I knew who I was when in fact I was in the throes of an identity crisis and what I ended up stretching was my mind!
I have since discovered that my soft spots are not a source of shame, my weakness no longer embarrasses me, my masks of fortitude are not necessary, my pain can -and does- walk hand in hand with hope and my power is soft and visionary...
I never had and never will have anything to prove.
It takes strength to stand in the midst of this journey which is life and not be intimidated by the enormity of the path ahead. It also takes softness (a lot of softness) to find the balance between the grace to be and the courage to become... #dothework #aimtrue

Pick up a large empty jar and fill it with rocks until the jar is full.
Then, pick up a box of pebbles and pour them into the Rock filled jar. Shake the jar and the pebbles will roll into the open areas between the rocks. The jar is still as full.
Then, pick up a box of sand and pour it into the Rock and pebble filled jar. The sand will fill up the rest of the jar and the jar is still as full...
Now empty it all out and start over. This time, fill the jar with sand first until the jar is completely full.
Then, pick up your pebbles and your rocks and try to add them into the sand filled jar...
You can't!
No matter how hard you try, the sand has already taken up the whole jar, there simply is no room for anything else. No room for rocks, no room for pebbles, only room for sand...
What if you imagine that this jar represents your life. The rocks are the important things, those things that if everything else was lost and only they remained, your life would still be full. The pebbles are the other things that matter to you: job, house, car, partner, bike, yoga, getting high, sex, whatever floats your boat. The sand is everything else like the small stuff that make up everyday life: the grind, the mundane tasks, the shit we have to do to live well.
Now, ask yourself this one question,
In what order are you filling up the jar of your life?...
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I'm spending a month in my favourite country on Earth and teaching my favourite people on earth!
Here's my schedule, come play with me!
Vinyasa Flow Yoga...
Every Sunday evening 6:30 - 8 pm
July 16th, 23d, 30th and August 6th
Think vinyasa Yoga meets Fitness training...
Every Tuesday morning 8:30 - 10 am
July 18th, 25th and August 1st and 8th
Every Wednesday evening 6:30 - 8 pm
July 19th, 26th and August 2nd, 9th
Tuesday 18th July: 7 - 8:30 pm
Vinyasa Freedom Yoga
Vinyasa: Arm balance & Inversion series
Every Friday evening 6 - 7:30 pm
July 14th, 21st, 28th July and August 4th
Saturday workshop:
All about the Handstand: 10 am - 12
Saturday 29th of July.
Location to be announced upon registration.
Workshop: "Power to the Pussy"
Yes, you read it right. Our vaginas and our hearts are our greatest teachers. They are scared and beautiful. They ask of us to honour the relationship between them and in return, they will honour us with the wisdom to know when to open our hearts and legs to those who are worthy of and women seem to confuse sexual liberation with our bodies becoming territories that could be occupied at will. NO! Power to the pussy means empowering ourselves to say yes and no to sex...
This workshop incorporates yoga with creative writing as well as story telling. You'll come out feeling the goddess that you truly are!
TO BOOK, CONTACT: or direct message me here on IG. Or contact the studios directly.

It was hard heading back to London after living unfettered and free in our campervan.
Our homes were the shores of wild beaches and sea cliffs...not a person in sight...the wind howling at 20 km per hr and the night sky bedazzled with a million stars...we showered from plastic bottles left in the sun, naked, as god created us.
For those few weeks, I have soared into the world of my imagination which became more real than the tough world of everyday London...
I always think about the one thing I take away from each experience and from this wildly solitary trip, I took away that nothing is ever true for long. In time, everything gets deconstructed and reinvented into a story of our own making. Some experiences are embellished over time, and some are darkened. Black turns out to be white and white turns out to be black. Good people become villains and antagonists become saints...
In the depths of our mind, we are either braver than our true courage or more cowardly than our true cowardice...
Everything in time gets coloured and discoloured, pain is inflated, happiness is deflated, and we end up spending too much time trying to expose the truth and mend a broken reality to appease our fear of uncertainty...
but I ask you, what is a lie but a distorted truth? Some sort of truth. Someone's truth...
If Einstein argues that earth itself distorts the fabric of time and space, I can only imagine the extent of distortion we place upon the events of our own life.
Thinking we are right and arguing that this is our absolute truth is an illusion, a delusion for the fearful.
We reconstruct our memories to support the reality that keeps us wrapped up within the walls of certainty and safety...
Fuck all this! Nothing is ever true or false. There are only assumptions and perceptions and perhaps a freer way to live is a life along the lines of:
Never true...
Never false...
#vanlifediaries #vanlifemovement #vanlife #befree #betrue #beyou #aimtrue #freedom #dothework

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