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"We need to reclaim the word FEMINISM...
We need the word 'feminism' back real bad.
When statistics come in saying that only 29% of American women would describe themselves as feminist - and only 42% of British women - I used to think, What do you think feminism IS, ladies?...
What part of 'liberation for women' is not for you?
Is it freedom to vote?
The right not to be owned by the man you marry?
The campaign for equal pay?
'Vogue' by Madonna?
Did all that good shit GET ON YOUR NERVES?
Or were you just DRUNK AT THE TIME OF THE SURVEY?"...

Thank you Molly, @soulmat_yoga, for my beautiful yoga mat. It feels lush and looks divine...and it makes me want to practise naked 😋!...
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This arms-wide-open energy that is deeply rooted in trust?
It's called surrender! .
May you find the courage to step into your life and own it for whatever it is in this moment.
May you be willing to receive with a wide open heart and a wide open mind... #surrender .
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So what if my sexual expression is fearlessly public?
So what if I talk of my pain, my breast cancer, my fear of rejection, my battle with self-doubt...all on Instagram?
Do you prefer a public profile that's not too high or not too low on the intensity scale?
Do you prefer a house-trained yogi?
Someone told me that it might stop people from unfollowing me (I get unfollowed a lot), and I thought about it for a whole day...
After all, by virtue of being on social media, I am inviting feedback, more followers and looking out for likes...
But this concept of giving a shit about who follows or unfollows me doesn't sit well with me because if I'm struggling in real life, I want to struggle on social media too.
If I'm scared in real life, I want to be scared on social media too.
...and...if I'm feeling sexy in real life, I want to be sexy on social media too...
I wish to always inhabit my body and my thoughts consistently, on my own terms.
There is something elemental about being sexual and vulnerable and real and that's just a beautiful thing... #beyou #aimtrue

Dog, fire, bike, tea, me (and daughter studying for her A levels upstairs ;)...Finally home...home sweet home...#london

Somewhere within us is the descendant of the child we once were...
At some point in our journey towards adulthood, this child was traumatised, rejected, disapproved of and belittled by its parents, its friends, and the world at large... and in the process of this passing from childhood to adulthood, we fell into patterns, adopted a voice that wasn't fully ours, lived lives that we didn't fully want...and we suffered...As children, we are unaware of the cause of our suffering. As adults we pin our suffering on the wrong reasons...
The children we once were grew up into the adults we are today carrying memories of our "wounded inner child " in the deep levels of our subconscious and the pain replaying itself over and over in our adult life...
Until this wound is recognised, honoured and tend to, we can't really be free...
I invite you to wake up to the reality of the suffering of your wounded inner child and nurture this child back to wholeness.
I invite you to contemplate that, perhaps, you have been doing certain things in a certain way all your life and it's time to break the cycle...
This journey is so hard but also completely amazing because it invites you to enter the darkness and see that some of the discomfort and pain you experienced as a child has created a not-so-loving relationship with your adult self...
Today, when I say "I love myself", it is often misunderstood as narcissism and vanity when in fact it is the fruit of a painful journey towards self-acceptance.
Today, I have nothing to prove.
Today, I inhabit my own imperfect self with grace and ease.
Today, my mantra is "I am me, and that's just beautiful"... #beyou #aimtrue #beyoutiful

When you practise with 20 other people and everyone moves to a different breath cycle...
but the person next to you happened to have the exact same breath as you...
Same inhale...
Same exhale...
Same movement...
...and you flow for a whole hour in unison, one breath, one practise...
This is a beautiful moment...

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One day, just like that, you notice that you're not angry anymore.
You're not sad.
You're not even scared...
You have healed....and you don't question how it happened.
You know how it happened!
It happened with the passage of time well spent...
You didn't pull away from the pain with the ticking of the clock, you sat with it instead.
You let it run its course.
You were fully aware of the deep inner work that was needed to be done with the passing of time.
You were patient.
You did the work...
And just like that, one day you woke up and the pain was gone.
Sacred time! That's what healed you.
In Greek, this is called KAIROS.
If you are in pain, if you feel lost, if you're grieving, if your heart is broken, this post is for you...I promise you, this too shall pass!... #thistooshallpass .
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Do you feel that you spend a lot of time waiting for things to change in your life?
Do you wait for promises that will never be kept?
Do you stand-by for a love that will never deliver?
Do you love people for who they are or do you love them for their potential, a potential they will never fulfil?
Do you blame others for the mess you are in?
Do you want another life?
Another love?
Another body?
Another job?
It's ok.
You're not alone...
I often go through these spirals of dissatisfactions but I have taught myself to ride them...
I taught myself to get real, to become a realistic optimist...
Sheer optimism when things are clearly fucked is as unhealthy as sheer pessimism.
Find a place where you can keep a positive outlook, but within the constraints of what you know about your life and the world.
Get real!
It is only through the realistic lens of your life that you will know what to do.
You will know there are changes you need to make and relationships you need to ditch.
You will own up to your fuck-ups,
You will let go of the need to be right,
you will take responsibility,
you will make better choices,
you will no longer let things you cannot change drain your energy,
you will no longer allow anyone to dim your light,
You will see things as they really are and you will get on with life...
#getonwithit #getreal #aimtrue #iamvibes

I am, for the most part, inauthentic.
Not deliberately, but by default.
I am mostly unaware of my inauthenticity even as I argue that I am being "true".
Especially when I argue that I am being "true"... How can I claim to be an authentic human when I am often driven by motives I am not even present to?
preoccupied with looking good?
engrossed by the quest of genuineness?
holding on to the ideals and merits of one path over the other?...
I am doing my best to be the best version of myself, but the truth is that I often show up into the world through the lens of my wounds, my insecurities, my vulnerabilities, my accomplishments, my strengths, my pride... I am not avoiding my personal truth, quite the opposite, I am committed to honesty and sincerity of intentions but I now see that beneath all my beautiful intentions and my admirable goodwillI, my false ego is ever present.
And so it is that I am in communication with my ego and together we found the most authentic expression of self: "Dee, you are being inauthentic about being authentic"... ...and that in itself is the most humbling and authentic truth that brings me the closest I have ever come to genuine inner peace... #beyou #bereal #aimtrue...
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I promise you it's a great stretch...
A juicy shoulder opener (look at the second pic)...
and most definitely the best possible way to flaunt your booty (ladies, all traces of cellulites vanish...get your cameras out and play a little 😝)... #stretchinstyle
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Life amounts to a series of moments.
Some are good and some are bad, some are meaningful and some are not...
Does it matter?
The more moments the better.
Accumulate them, put them into your bank of awesomeness and cash them out when life gets tough and rough.
Moments are our most valuable currency and the more we risk the more meaningful moments we stand to win...
If we don't dare to live,
risk it all,
take leaps of faith,
put ourselves in that big scary world,
fuck up,
take wrong turns,
fall for the wrong people,
make bad investments,
take wrong decisions,
get lost,
If we don't dare to stray off the beaten track and be prepared to suffer the hardship and the isolation,
If we don't do any of that, will live and die complying with what the world asks of us, fighting for what it wants us to fight for and we forget to dance with the flow of life...
Do we really want to live this way?... #lifefully #dreambig #aimtrue .
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STRETCH...MARKS... I care a lot about how I look. Perhaps a little too much. I fuss over imperfections and lament features that other women find beautiful.
And that's all I ever did...
Until my diagnosis with breast cancer.
During my 20th radiotherapy treatment session, I laid motionless while the radiation beams went over my right breast, and to make a long story short, I experienced what I can only describe as an out-of body-experience...
I saw myself lying on that bed under the complex medical machines.
I felt nothing.
Just an acute sense of observation devoid of emotional attachment. I saw me.
And I saw that I was beautiful, really beautiful, just like that, with a half burned breast, lying on that bed.
For all of my life, I have confused beauty with the right to be loved. Looking good became a lifelong project that went in tandem with validation, acceptance and self-worth.
Whenever I strayed from my physical ideal (cellulite here and a few pounds there), I enrolled myself into a fitness program to get back on track or suckered into the expensive treatments of a beautician who promised to "fix" my imperfections...
Aside from the mental exhaustion of chasing an ideal image, I had trained my mind to hold my self-acceptance under its iron grip. I taught myself to be my own worse critic, the self-judgemental little prick that I was...
Today, two years cancer free and that image of the imperfectly perfect "me" lying in the treatment room ever present, I am free of my self imposed tyranny.
I honour me.
Just as I am.
My 44 year old skin that needs to pull downwards and feels loose in places (trust me, Instagram shows fuck-all of how I truly look upon close inspection).
My ass that seems to have developed a new found love for cellulite.
The stretch marks on my chest.
My cancer-free half right breast...
I have loosened my grip on myself and given my self-esteem so much wriggle room to stretch into the realisation that I am are are we all... #wearebeautiful .
#fuckyoucancer #fuckcancer

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