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#fakelove lololol #straightuptomyface lololol they didn't wanna kiss their baby sister but I was too busy being cute to worry about them #notmuchhaschanged lololol #waybackwednesday

Repost from @ancestorseye - Please watch and share

I like to leave the past in the past... married men need to remain out of my inboxes... #foh

#aboutlastnight #funtimeswerehad #byme with my boi @jmb_9t9 Mr. Old Man himself lololol lololol lololol

Okay... if anyone needed any other reason to leave #sodas alone. #thisisit !!!

Repost from @goddis_sixfootah - What makes the black woman a Goddess? It's because she is Sacred. Her womb is sacred. At birth, she possesses every egg that she will need to reproduce life during her stay here on earth. While men ejaculate and recreate Sperm on a daily basis, the woman keeps the same eggs for her whole life. She is born with life within her. Her genetics are universal, she is the first, she possesses the portal to which all life comes through. Without her, there is no you. She is the prototype for all sustained life. It all traces back to her. It's everyone else's job to protect her so that she can create life. God IS the giver of life. When people call God a "he or him" I laugh. So you really think "God" is a male huh? I've never seen a man give birth. You can't even send a man to the grocery store and he come back with the right stuff, let alone a man being "God" and creating all earth and all the life on it☺️. #beliefVsFact . You have the right to believe whatever makes you feel good, but there is only one truth, only one fact. I use God in quotations because God is not even a figurative being... it's an energy. The Goddess energy is life and reproduction. Sister, I don't call you or myself Goddis just to sound good, you are factually a Goddess Queen. I can back it up:) I love you. ✊🏾❤

#massage your way to #happiness lololol

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