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Deejah  Focused. Blessed. Bright! Leo ♌️ 7/23 95’ baby ... welcome☺️😉😌

🙄😳🤠🤠Ayeeeeee I got 100% from everyone who answered (which was exactly 16% of my followers who participated, thank$... still 💣 in MATH🗣I see you y’all know I’m a dm away && I genuinely felt that[LOVE]. 😭y’all don’t know how much I truly care for you individually 😓🥰no likes needed .. ITS ALL LOVE 💕

You only need to be sweet to one.. so imma warhead right now 😝😼I just want them dolliana$

#blueface babyyy ☺️

#SoTellMeWhy when I first seen this, I instantly felt bad for the kitten 🐱 she gotta go thru that everyday PROBABLY, breaking her damn neck to survive against a sliding cellular device [poor kitten] then, I started thinking about when the kitten get older .. will it have a revenge 👀who knows?????? Find out in my next video ! Pets should not be getting traumatized for a human’s humor😤

Tell me why this vid just took me out my depression .. 🙃

When I was 21 year$ old .. I was working @dirtymartinidc (Had a blast)! Now, I am looking forward to working with other promoters to model and host AGAIN 🤑😈

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