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damien leyva  “I am ready to face any challenge that might be foolish enough to face me.” -Dwight Schrute | IG Account formally known as @deemoneyfreshboii

Took a break from hanging out with Aldous Snow and Sarah Marshall to check out the scenery #AlohaBitches

“As the Ancient Hawaiians used to say, sometimes a little bit of nothing can mean a whole lot of something.” -Tito

My Grinch heart just grew 10 times bigger watching my niece and nephew get their Dad home from Korea in time for Christmas. Good to have you back, Vince! “Good thing I’m wearing all this camouflage.” 😂

"Team Photo" even though our team consisted of a different group of 9 every Sunday. League management screwed us out of the playoffs but we finished strong anyway with a 5 game winning streak. See y'all in Fall League #DreamsOver #BadNewsBlueJays

#tbt to this time last year when we were in Zion hiking trails and drinking beer... and we were allllll out of trails 😏 🍺 #DemWildBoyz🇺🇸

Who is he? @casarez38 #RIPVine

Cuz you never know when a Major League scout is gonna be at your Sunday League game looking for a short utility infielder who's been out of the game for 8 years to sign to a multi-year $200 million contract #CaptainLeyva #SundayLeagueAllStar #DreamsOver #HepatitisCYaLater

Celebrating that first W of the season! Bad News Blue Jays are 1-0 better watch out

#14Dabz #CaptainLeyva

The G.O.A.T. #tbt, back when I scored TD's every time I touched the ball #DemBoyz


In 2009 we practiced for the PAC 5 Quarterfinals and ate a team Thanksgiving breakfast. We've been doing this Turkey Bowl thing ever since. Thankful for the fam and football. And the Raiders being 8-2.

Blue Jays 2016. Haven't had this much fun playing ball since I was 5 years old. Only fitting that the team who had a blast only winning one game all season ended up beating the best team in the league in our last game. Your team leader, Captain Leyva appreciates all the good times. Undefeated next year! #9DabsAndABlueJays

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