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Danielle 👣  Eh, I've got nothing.

"Tomorrow will come and the sun will shine
Well I'll be sitting here right by your side
So let the music soothe your soul
Let the music take control
Everything you do or say comes back to you

When things don't work out right, you got to push on through
So keep on running, keep on moving
Everything is gonna be alright
Keep on smiling, keep on laughing
Every little thing is gonna be alright."
•Stick Figure

Don't like where I am now,
but don't know where I want to be.
Floating along,
Just trying to find me. •

PC: Lily Pad 💛

"Bis bald, mein Engel."

Missing the sunshine today.
Mind is still in a California daze.


The flashbacks are mixed up with photos and liquor,
Cloudin' my mind with what was real and what's fiction.
Trapped in history
Stop, rewind, repeat. 🌗

"You were dancing in your tube socks in our hotel room,
Flashin' those eyes like highway signs.
Light one up and hand it over, rest your head upon my shoulder." •Halsey

Last night was amazing. 🔥@officialbtsm

Baby, lets smoke and dream. Baby, let's smoke and sing. Baby, let's go outside. Baby, let's feel alright.


There's something purifying in the crisp mountain air. Something calming, yet demanding of adventure.

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