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Dee-1  Be Real. Be Righteous. Be Relevant. Booking/Speaking/Features/Serious Biz: or 504.383.3318. #SlingshotDavid ALBUM OUT NOW!

Dishing out inspiration like assists.

#BridgingTheDream Tour ✔️

#FillmoreHighSchool in Cali. ✔️

Be Real. Be Righteous. Be Relevant.

Gotta stay focused and keep building, it’s gametime! U.S High School Tour starts tomorrow in Cali...
(📸 @tourlifehq)... #MissionVision #MOTIVATION

I pray everyone receives this.

Announcing the #BridgingtheDream HIGH SCHOOL TOUR! Starts Tuesday. IT’S.ABOUT.TO.GO.DOWN 😱🔥😱🔥😱🔥😱
(Art: @brokenpyrvmids)
9/18 - Fillmore, CA.
9/20 - New Orleans
9/21 - Pineville, LA.
9/24 - New York City
9/26 - GreenBay, WI.
9/27 - Kentwood, MI.
10/4 - Kansas City, MO.
10/5 - Greenville, SC.

Ya boy is in LONDON tonight! My 1st ever London concert at The #JazzCafe with @murs316 has only a few tickets left before it sells out 🙏🏽.
Cheers, mate‼️

Ran across some people who didn’t know me at last night’s concert in Cardiff. So i did what i always do on that stage. 😈🏆. 👌🏽’s Up!
Homie went

SUCCESS!!! Social media momentum and a peaceful protest has led to this victory. Our voice was heard! I’m proud of all the leaders who united behind this cause. No more “Nike Ban” in Kenner. Let’s keep this energy going in our state!!! There’s always more work to be done.
#LoveAlwaysWins ❤️🏆

SO WHAT if they don’t know you‼️‼️
Do ur thing and MAKE EM know‼️‼️
I’ll turn a stranger into a fan REAL QUICK‼️‼️
I’m THAT dedicated. 🏆🏆

I keep a BIG chip on my shoulder when i hit that stage. It fuels me. So i had to apply PRESSURE in Germany last night‼️

Been killing a bunch of new features lately‼️ Check out “Flava” by @TroofMusic ft Dee-1 on youtube NOW‼️ 🔥🔥🔥 What yall think?
#ShreveportToNewOrleans 💯

I’m so inspired right now. i just want everybody to go hard for what you love‼️ It’s worth every bit of blood, sweat, and tears. 💉😥🏆🙏🏽.
Hamburg - 9/10
Berlin - 9/11
Cardiff - 9/12
Bristol - 9/13
London - 9/14
Manchester - 9/15
Glasgow - 9/16

What the 🤬🤬🤬?!?!? Welcome to Louisiana, where politicians do stuff like this smh 😂.
The Mayor of Kenner is really trying to ban @Nike apparel and equipment from all children’s sports and playgrounds in the city. I would love to speak to him when i get back in the country, i’m definitely down to pull up! On behalf of the people, we need some dialogue about this. Our leaders need not be pushing these ignorant, hateful policies on the youth. THE YOUTH ARE OUR ONLY HOPE! DON’T POISON THEM WITH THIS CYCLE OF HATE. Tag someone you know so that we can shine light on this dark situation, and pray for our leaders. @wildwayne thx for this broski.

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