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Dee LaVigne  🎥Family YouTube Creator Family Vlog: The LaVigne Life👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Fashion/Lux: Dee LaVigne👛👠 Fitness IG: @QueenDeeFitness💪 📩

My mini me 😍 @littlelavignes

What do y'all think about this #relationship topic on #cheating 👀Follow our podcast IG @deenutbutterandjerry @deenutbutterandjerry @deenutbutterandjerry New #podcast live on #deenutbutterandjerry Follow us on #SoundCloud #iTunes #Stitcher #GooglePlay and on #YouTube 🎉👍🤗

Have y'all seen @jerrylavignejr rate my Fashion Nova outfits on my Dee LaVigne YouTube channel? It's hilarious! Click the link in my bio to watch 🤗❤️🤣

I bought the cheapest thing in Louis Vuitton and documented my experience with my SA, as well as shared what I purchased on my Dee LaVigne YouTube channel. It was HILARIOUS! I love me some LV! 😍❤️🙈 Head over to my YouTube channel: Dee LaVigne to watch if you haven't already! 🎉🤗 #louisvuitton #lv #deelavigne #blogger #vlogger #youtube @louisvuitton

Remember my 45-Day (6 week) Transformation Challenge that just ended last Wednesday?! Well, here are my TOP 2 Finalists. It was SO hard to choose from everyone who took me several days! There were some really, REALLY good ones to choose from! You can vote for one of these ladies on our most recent vlog on The LaVigne Life on YouTube! Very proud of them both, as well as everyone else who participated in my challenge!! 😍Such AMAZING transformations were made! 🙌 If you missed out on this last challenge, my spring challenge is now open for enrollment! You can sign up on 💪❤️ @queendeefitness #fitnesstransformation #fitness #queendeefitness #fitgirls #fitnessmotivation #fitnessinspiration #loseinches #thelavignelife #healthylifestyle

my heart and soul

dimples in all the right places 💪 OH! My 4-week Spring Challenge has now opened up for enrollment on ❤️ Come join me and my girls and let's get fit! Challenge starts April 30th! My site has all the deets. 🤗

no shade

My babies are getting so big!!! Ugh!!! 😭 I get asked a lot by first time mother-to-be's what are some important mommy tips they should know and one major tip is to truly ENJOY every possible moment with your sweet babies because they GROW so FAST and every few months they will have new milestones and/or things they will say that will come and go on to the next thing or funny saying! Before you know it, they will be adults and you will literally feel like it was just yesterday. Jerry and Jordan are 5 and 4 now and I seriously don't know where the time has gone! 🤣 I truly enjoy every time I get to hold their little hands while crossing the street...the little things. I soak it ALL up because I am SO grateful to God for my children. They are a precious gift and I will NEVER take them for granted. 🙌🙏 #GodFirst #FamilySecond #blessed #grateful #family #parents #vloggers #bloggers #parentingtips

If plan A didn't work, the alphabet has 25 other letters. 🤓🤗 #mondaymotivation #nevergiveup #ok #imcheesy #loveyall 😇❤️

I tell @jerrylavignejr I want a taller man and his reaction is priceless 🤣🤣😂😂 The video is live on our couples channel on YouTube just search - Mr&MrsLaVigne ❤️

HAPPPPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BESTEST FRIEND IN THE ENTIRE WORLD @aprilathena7 ! I love you soooo much and I got your back POR EBER AND EBER! Today is all about YOU and nothing and no one else. Enjoy your day! I can't wait to hear all about it. ❤️🙌 #family #bff #bestfriends #throwitinacircle #love #blessed #sister #happybirthday #birthday

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