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  Finance only. (Specialise in Macro/Funds) 🔹 Now London Desk Trader 🔹 Been in the Industry 9 Years 🔹 Ex Goldman Sachs trader®

Pre Market waiting on NYO to open, US Equities flatlining so far. Watching MM divergence closely. DJIA & SPX on my main list.

Risk-free rate is yielding 2.8% & SPX dividend Yield is 1.8% & liquidity is getting tighter, then RISK-ON will likely rise for NON SH assets. Already rose for EM but when will it kick in for SPX? Likely going to see some foreign inflow next. Watching the 2Y Yield 2.8% but CPI is 2.7%. True rates are LOW, despite nominal rates rising. One has to wonder how the US economy will handle tightening rates.

Arrived at work! Buy-Side ONLY. Finance ONLY. Not interested in any Retailers preaching me on how to invest. Don't want to join your scheme. Rarely post "lifestyle" shots and when I do it's because I own them. The "Gurus" on here really crack me up. They wouldn't know the first thing that hit them on a #TradingFloor

Cumulative return of the S&P500 including reinvested dividends, from the day before the Lehman collapse through until last week's close a full TEN years on. Even the average investor is lagging relative to the market! Investors who bought Stocks just before the Lehman's collapse have done very well. There was a meaningful drawdown in this heady first six months, but investors have been rewarded.

Right back to work for now. Corp debt-to-GDP at new highs, bet Net corp debt-to-GDP (Corp debt less the liquid assets held by corps) below its long-term avg. sideways movements by HY Bond spreads reflects expectations of a HY defying rate bottom in 2019 IMO. Comparing EM such as China Retail Sales up by fixed asset investment down again. Not great news for growth expectations & growth is increasingly more dependant on consumption. So what is the reaction from the government? More pump priming? The worse the data, the more the easing LOL. #ChinaShortFund

Burning through fuel money, LOL Retail. Let the haters hate. It costs more to fill my new baby up than you take home a month. More to come end of September once i'v taken my 2-Day. #Yacht #Boating

Who's patriotic to be BRITISH 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧!!! If you don't work hard what's the point. My new $1.2 Million time share Yacht. We bought both time shares so it's all mine. She holds almost 900 gallons of fuel at full capacity and cruises at 25 knots superbly. This is my first venture into yachts. All 75ft of her. I will be taking time away from my China Fund in the new year or later this year to head down to Malta with her. Taking a 2 day course at the end of September to become proficient in operating her. Remember we fill up the tanks with DEMO MONEY. All aboard family!

Bought a 50% timeshare yesterday in my new toy. My business partner and I bought 50% each so we have the entire TS to ourself. Hard work pays off, this is a first for me, never owned a yacht. Here's to many happy memories, I am going to be taking this down to Malta for a 4 week run when I get time away from work.

Sunday is Funday. Am I right? Burning some fuel money, taking out the shared partners $1.2 million toy. Haters will hate. 😂😂😂 #YachtParty #Yacht #SunSeeker

A full 1½ bps tightening in IG CDX to 55.57. No corporate issuance today, but ≈ $8B of foreign sovereign & NGOs. IG/HY cash spreads 1bp/3bps better. Corporates "A/D" 4:1 to the good; volume traded a tad higher than avg. What I LIVE for. ^^

I don't see anyone discussing it but it's quite significant. 1m LIBOR rates are breaking out & are now above MAJOR monthly levels at 2.13%. Looks like a USD funding crisis is very possible given these Citi-End notes. A widening OIS/BOR will lead to a tighter (less negative) front dated xccy basis. Let the good times roll suckers!!! Big moves happening in the EuroDollar space with more to come on that. Understand this Retail, pure FINANCE/TRADING.

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