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Alexander Faria  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Sensei and founder of Ludus Team, affiliated Alliance. Director of Ludus Team International and LUDUS Dome.

When you are a jet fighter pilot and finds out your girlfriend is with friends at the beach just watching your training...
#toulonnavybase #summertrip2018

Aircraft Carrier Le Charles De Gaulle

This little Island is “If Castle”;
which inspired writer Alexandre Dumas to be the prison of Edmond Dantes or “ Le Comte De Monte Cristo”.
One of my favorite books and movie.

If you ever come to Marseille, and are a man, make sure your pride will not be hurt... they tell you how you must pee...

Time to hit the road.

Some days are just incredible. Nothing better than start training the sport I love (bjj for whom doesn’t know), go for a fun boat ride, have lots of fun and chill out. Always with her.
#4ever&;ever #greatday #bjj #boatride

Today is father’s day in BRAZIL.
My father can’t read Instagram, VK or Facebook... anymore. He passed away.
But I don’t need to say anything here because Luckily I had the chance to tell him everything in life. All the sorries, all the thanks and all the “I love you”.
So, whoever is reading this, don’t do it in social networks, not for likes, call him, go to him, and say it.
Today I would only say;
I miss you pa.
#nohashtags #thisisnottomakeyoulikeme

Lesson of the day;
“ Don’t do wrong things because it’s been working... in the end you always pay the price...”

I will miss this...
Rush life is almost always an iogurt and cereal bar while driving...

When the window looks like a painting...
#littlerest #bjjtravel #beach #sun

When the training was hard and you finish the day with clean soul...

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