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Declutr  Systems to simplify your life Alison: Professional Organiser, lover of gardens, interiors, fancy wrapping, cafes and flatlays

Today we selected the first of the lush greenery that will be a feature of Studio Mamak. Our little #AirBnB is inching closer to becoming a reality!

Old school motivation. What do you have gathering dust under your bed? Can it still serve its purpose? My client was happy to let these tapes go and rely on Ted Talks to motivate her.

It’s been a tough week here at #declutr HQ. A pain flare has reminded me that I need to take things easy or I won’t be able to do anything at all.

Sometimes you just need to book a huge skip and get rid of all of the old bits and pieces that no longer serve you and can’t be donated or repurposed. Our clients are delighted with their reclaimed space and the feeling of lightness that comes with decluttering.

My client and I are decluttering her house using the Konmari method. Session two was all about books. She held each one and decided whether to keep or discard it. The discards were sorted into two piles - sell or donate to Lifeline. The donation pile was by far the biggest.

‘I love my cupboard,’ exclaimed today’s client. We repurposed this under shelf basket to hold her gloves and hats, separating from the scarves on the shelf below and the bags above. A quick fix with long term gains. No more lost gloves on cold Canberra mornings.

Buried under a mountain of stuff you never actually use? Why not get #declutr to help you dig your way out so you can start enjoying your life again?

#Sundaysessions with #petravolvo Yep that’s Rob and his guitar. Rock and roll!

All is right in my world again. I’m starting my week with my @brett.niven.ceramics mug full of coffee. I was so sad when I broke my original one, I couldn’t wait for @themakersandshakers market to come to town again. Happy Monday!

Spending time with a craft-loving client is my kind of job!

A big part of being a professional organiser is encouraging people to make wise choices. I’d love to help you take Vivienne Westwood’s advice to make some positive changes in your wardrobe, home, or life.

I’m passionate about helping my clients build sustainable lives especially in their wardrobes. So, I had a fabulous night with @nomad.canberra at @purepodfashion event - the #ethicalfashiontable talking to likeminded people and hearing from Megan of @walksewgood Summer of @tortoiseandladygrey and Emma of @leiden.magazine It was also very cool to meet @wombatandposs irl and to talk about creating awesome things from reclaimed and repurposed yarn😊

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