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THE ABNORMAL BEAUTY COMPANY  We are good beauty brands like The Ordinary and NIOD. We also talk about world issues. People who don’t get us buy our products anyway. [ 🎥. | 📔🖌 ]

🗽 | NY, NY.

🇩🇪 | I, single-handedly and without cerebral fluid, planned our big planogram for our upcoming in-store launch plan with @douglas_cosmetics. It’s all going to plan. —— [[ Our partnership with Douglas in Germany has been too good and yet too true concurrently. Poland, Netherlands, France and Spain are on the horizon right ahead of us. ]]

🗽 | DECIEM started taking baby steps in the USA about three years ago with two brothers, Hashim and Faras. Today, Hashim’s son, Mustafa, is teaching them, all of us and DECIEM how to take grown-up steps. —— Hashim and Faras: your family has always treated me like family. Thank you for so much commitment and care that you have shown me, our team and our customers since the very first step. -Brandon [🍼💚]

🗽 | I’m sharing parts of this article, from June 15, 2017, to offer more context to our previous post. —— @newyorkpost: “Obstruction of Liberty” is and forever will be obstruction of justice. Your article is accurate; and your sentence, “It’s not obstruction of justice — but it is obstruction of Liberty.”, is creatively-accurate because of the choice of the upper-case “l” in “Liberty”; but this very sentence betrays liberty of life; a “wording” like the one below would have prioritized liberty ahead of creative journalism. ——— “It’s not obstruction of liberty, but it is obstruction of Liberty that symbolizes liberty. “The Law” may not view such obstruction as obstruction of justice — but perhaps there would be more justice in our world if “it” were to choose to recognize that any obstruction of any symbol of liberty is more unforgettable than any obstruction of justice.” ——— [[[ @newyorkpost: I have always loved your directness and creativity. Please don’t misinterpret my commentary here as a form of criticism of you; far from a criticism, my words are meant to convey what we all know: that liberty is life. ]]] -Brandon

🗽 | NY, NY. — You will forever be our home for many reasons: — 1) Your Statue has stood and will forever stand as a reminder of Liberty for the entire world; liberty of not just humanity but that of all life; no yacht, big or small, can ever block this view, especially so when such yacht is so big that it chooses to disrespect New York and life, as was the case a few days before my birthday, when small Russian billionaire, Eugene Shvidler, did so with his Grand yacht, Le Grand Bleu. — 2) Your nickname as the city of 🍏 humbly recognizes that a city is infinitely smaller than any fruit, because our world, after decades, centuries and more than a millennia of curiosity and research, has not yet understood the complexity of one cell, of nearly-countless cells, that “give” life to every 🍏🍎, to every fruit, to every animal and to every human; a nickname that concurrently represents an ideal friendship between technology and art; a friendship unknown to the world until Steve Jobs made it known so loudly and so clearly that a search for “apple” on @google today would list @apple far “behind” any 🍏 (a sequence that can be viewed as “ahead”, depending on the viewpoint); — 3) your name is transparent almost to a “fault” by being so direct; a “name” that is, in fact, a concise description; “New” means “new” and “York” implies “city” in reference to the city in North Yorkshire, later occupied by Romans; our name is far below yours but a bit like yours; DECIEM is and will forever be THE ABNORMAL BEAUTY COMPANY, like you were so “New” when you were founded; and even more so like you now because you will forever be “New” by evolving at every moment; — 4) You showed the entire world that the deepest of falls guide the tallest of rises, on and forever after 9/11/2001; “911” helped many then, but you taught strength to many more after then; — 5) “Last” but most-personal to our team at DECIEM, you are our home in America; this video shows one minute of nearly-countless minutes of love and passion without which our customers in your safe homeland wouldn’t be able to touch all of us every day by touching our products. —— We love you, NY. — And I love you, our NY team. -Brandon

📽🍏 | “Something” may have gone “wrong during native playback” here, but many more things have gone many more light years in the wrong direction in relation to other forms of playback. @michaelfmoore, et. al. — I speculate you’ll need as many presidents on your side as possible in the coming weeks and months — BUTT, no genius president, evil or not, would ever choose to stand alongside those who backplay. — You well know that I love @replay and I like @apple. —— BUTT, I love replaying back with bad 🍎’s infinitely more than the sum of @replay and @apple. -Brandon

🚲 / Amsterdam.

🌕🚲 \ This 🎞 was 🎥’d on September 5th in Amsterdam but is being 📽’d late (today) for 3 reasons, each of which is accurately worded as follows: 1) we opened our cozy store in Amsterdam on September 6th; having had announced our opening in a timely manner would not have respected our Abnormal insight that’s inside (some refer to it as DNA); 2) the “important” matter about HIF at the end of the video, the one that is inconveniently cut off by Instagram’s limit on video “length”, is the one about which we posted earlier — that we reduced the price of Hair is Fabric’s Volume Support to ($€£)5.00 for customers in Canada, the US, the EU and the UK, for one week; BUT, we “ran” out of stock on the next day; we have now extended this offer until the end of September, and especially so for those of you who were justifiably disappointed that our one-week offer lasted for one-“ish” day; 3) a common friend of a Friend of DECIEM suggested to me that the Friend had said, possibly as a joke, that he did not know “how much” it would “take” to “get” someone “home” from Amsterdam and that he would “see” how “the next 2 months would ‘go’”; I didn’t like the possible joke, especially when walking along the beautiful canals of Amsterdam where one might fall in the water(s) if one laughs out too loudly in reaction to tasteful jokes. — [[ I “got over” the joke by repeating my highly-repetitive room service order of a club sandwich, with no bacon, alongside multiple bottles of ginger ale with a bucket of ice, at @andazams — (an)other Friend of DECIEM refers to such room service orders of mine as “BIG room”-service orders, likely because my room was far too big for one person, especially one who is as nutritionally-deficient-seeming (or, politely, “lean”) as I was perceived to be. ]] —— Short story long, our very first and very cozy shop in the Netherlands is now open in beautiful Amstersam at Runstraat, 10. I also took a few photos that evening — for the imminent next post. ♥️💙🇳🇱 -Brandon

🌕🐇 | My partners, Andrew and Leonard — I’m sharing our exchange from April 5, 2018 here for three reasons: 1) to offer a reminder to your team, to our team and to our audience that we respect each other’s values despite any differences; 2) to offer more context to our audience with respect to the brotherly notes Leonard and I exchanged on this very date — a note I shared earlier on here, and one whose context would be incomplete without this post; 3) to remind all of us that DECIEM’s values are rooted in transparency, “... and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world”, and these values will guide our communication unconditionally during the weeks and months ahead of us. — I ask for your kind respect, especially if and when your values may conflict with ours — the same respect that I and we have always offered you and will always offer you. Our partnership offers immense pride and meaning to me, because Estée Lauder Companies Inc. represents a forever-living reminder to our world that the unconditional courage of entrepreneurs like Estée is the very reason that all of us in the world of beauty and around the world enjoy the gift of beautiful products that would otherwise not exist. —— [[ The words within quotation marks are those of Horst M. Rechelbacher (1941 - 2014), founder of your brand, @aveda. Horst changed the world like no other entrepreneur, by introducing the world to aromas that were and will forever be so unfamiliar, yet so very beautiful. My educated speculation is that the monetary recognition for this world-changing brand was approximately 15% of that paid for your brand, @toofaced. I’m confident your team calculated this recognition fairly, but the non-monetary value of remembering a founder is one that I felt that Aveda did not offer Horst by not reminding our world of the beauty of Horst when he passed away in 2014. ]] — I love you, Leonard — because you support entrepreneurship and because you referred to me as the “brother” you “never had”. -Brandon

🚲 .. 🛴 : In case you miss the next post, please don’t miss that we will change the price of hif® Volume Support Cleansing Conditioner to a near-zero amount of 5 CAD/USD/GBP/EUR before 11:17AM Eastern “Standard” Time today, September 6, 2018, and will increase its pricing forward to its nearly-unaffordable, soon-to-be-better current pricing at 11:17PM on September 16, 2018. [ This “offer” is limited only to purchases made on, on and in DECIEM stores within Canada, US and EU (still hugging our huggable UK). ] — The “®” symbol is a symbolic part of our logo in this case for design and designer reasons and reasoning; it symbolizes that we have committed to and wasted much money to ensure, with no insurance, that hif stays our baby and only our baby for a long while in our small world — a small world that looks, seems and feels suddenly and lastingly so big if and when we choose to, or are presented with almost no choice at all but to, count and pay fees in painfully-too-many trademark jurisdictions, to trademark lawyers with highly-specialized expertise in each such jurisdiction and to corresponding lawyers, as inconveniently applicable at times, who correspond with the aforesaid other lawyers. ™️ is a much more affordable symbol to utilize on a permanent basis for such purposes than ®️ could ever be, if you feel and are lucky concurrently — i.e., its use is useless for the length of time explicated by the use of the long-term term borrowed from English: “permanently”. 💰🔫

🚁🇨🇦 | 🎞📽 ::: 👁 🎧 👁.

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