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Dana DiCioccio  Hi i'm Dana & I like to surf. HTX/ATX ACE PT/HC & Nland Surf Coach 🏄🏼🌈 Living a healthy lifestyle physically & mentally. "Love is the water of life."


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Life is really fucking weird

I had the privilege to be one of the few coaches to conduct the first kids surf camp, at the first surf park in America. Each coach was assigned 5 kids and I definitely had the best group by far. It was so much fun and so awesome to see how much my kiddos progressed in only a week. They went from nose diving every wave to headstands and catching just about every wave on short boards. So many smiles. So much stoke. Such a rewarding job.


If only the water still looked like this

Thank youuu Local Natives ❤️👌

“I want to be as calm as the warm summer wind that blows across the dandelion fields at dusk. I want to be as gentle as the first morning light that touches the earth, and be as pure as the morning dew. I want my heart to be as great as the vastness of the sky, to obtain the beauty of all that is good and true. But above all, I want my love to reach for the moon and stars and be bright like the light of a thousand suns.” -Eredion

After countless walks down the middle of streets late at night, walking down hundreds of trails alone, sitting under each full moon alone, and each moment sitting far out in the ocean on a surfboard- I can honestly say I am whole within myself. I know myself inside and out. Head to toe.
Most people cant sit in silence, alone with their inner demons for even a minute. People need constant distraction. Constant stimulation. I stare my demons face to face. Ive dived so deep into the depths of my being, uncovering and analyzing every aspect of myself. I am not perfect, nor am I always happy. I am human. I go through ups and downs, and im confused a lot of the time too. All I know is, I am my own guiding light and I am here to love. Unconditionally. Love is all that matters. It is the core of our being. I want to help whenever I can, in whatever way possible. Whether that means giving someone knowledge ive already attained in life that they may need or paying for a homeless mans meal. I want to give and give and give, and uplift others as much as possible, but I know my boundaries so I dont drain myself. I dont want to be looked up to in life, I dont want my ego to be fueled. I dont want to be a good person just so others can see that I am. I want to be a good person for me. And I want for all of you to want the same for yourselves. #iloveallofyou #loveyourself #spreadthelove #spreadthelight #haveagoodnight

We need to accept that things are always changing. Whats in the past, remains a memory- an experience. Do not live in the past, but learn from it. Focus on the Now. Because what you're doing right now, determines the future. 😛✨
#hopeyouallhaveawonderfulnight #mercuryretrogradeisover #godbless

“Name ten things you wanna do before you die and then go do them. Name ten places you really wanna be before you die and then go to them. Name ten books you wanna read before you die and then go read them. Name ten songs you wanna hear again before you die, get all of your friends together and scream them, because right now all you have is time but someday that time will run out. That’s the only thing you can be absolutely certain about. Think of all the things that are wrong with your life and then fix them, think of all the things that you love about your life be thankful you are blessed with them, think of all the things that hold you back and realize that you don’t need them, think of all the mistakes you have made in your life, make sure that you never repeat them because right now all you have is time but someday that time will run out. That’s the only thing you can be absolutely certain about. Name ten thousand reasons why you never wanna die, go and tell someone who might’ve forgotten try to list the endless reasons why it’s good to be alive and then just smile for awhile about them, soon the sun will rise and another day will come, soon enough the sun will set, another day will be gone and right now all you have is time, but someday that time will run out.” -Paul Baribeau, Ten Things

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