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Michael DeCerbo  There may be some nice things on here, some bad things, and maybe some strange things, all of which are me.

Sinh Sinh for lunch yesterday. Duck is always amazing and delicious. I like shooting with a custom white balance set cooler to create stark differences in color. Just my personal taste.

Some video from yesterday's shoot with @cabby_james - new workout gear from @reigningchamp at @_theclassroom You can pick it up in store or online. I didn't have a chance to try these pieces out yet, but the quality of the sweats that reigning champ produces are top notch, so I figure these are premium pieces, too. The shorts are cut right above the knee, roomy for movement without being too baggy. They also have zipper pockets so you don't snag your fingers. The top is a lightweight breathable mesh material. Both pieces have tasteful logo branding on the left side. Tops and shorts are available in white, gray, and black. Check it out. Shout out to @deandigamon for helping out in a pinch, and as always, a thank you to @nonamefit for the location. Best gym in #houston.

Finally got to shoot a bit this weekend with @cabby_james for some new @reigningchamp that you can now pick up at @_theclassroom Video coming soon. All photos shot at @nonamefit

Some engineering friends of mine picked up some new jobs out in Orlando, Florida. Today my friend John and I got together with the last one to leave, Alex, before his move at the end of the month. We played video games, shot trap (my first time), had BBQ, and joked around. Pretty fun Saturday. Going to miss my friends, but I'm happy they're moving on to great things.

@mehaterun gettin after it at @nonamefit. Kickboxing class went well today. Worked combinations including punches, kicks, elbows, and knees in the clinch. A broad overview of techniques. For beginners, they did exceptionally well. Toward the end of class the combinations really started to flow. It's not easy.

Shot some photos of my friend's son, then did some jiu jitsu. Drew in an old school kaws character for maximum hypebeasting. Click clack.

Shot some snaps for @_theclassroom this morning with the homie @nwdollatank Tired a different photo approach, a little less balanced and just quick snaps. Shot these with my sigma 60mm. Not bad, but gave me a stutter on the focus at times. Also, it was too damn hot for this hahah. Props to Noah for working like a champ.

Just shooting some snaps at the gym. Haven't shot much lately.

In July I'll be coaching an introductory kickboxing class at the gym I go to, @nonamefit Classes are set for Thursday at 7pm. You'll get a basic overview of the principles of western boxing, as well as some Dutch and Thai kickboxing. You'll be learning proper execution of techniques, footwork, and probably have a lot of fun. Classes will be based on a structure of warm ups, then technique and drilling, with strength and conditioning at the close of class. Remember, this is an intro class, so don't be intimidated. Follow @nonamefit and go to their website for more info.

Had a chance to tag along on a photo shoot by @ryanjruiz with @ashagnite I wanted to try out my wide angle lens on some video. Honestly, I haven't even had a chance to review the video footage yet. Hopefully it turned out ok. These were just a few snaps while shooting. Manual lenses are hard af to work video and photo at the same time, as well as having the camera on a stabilizer. You can see some distortion in the photos, but that's because of how they were shot, unbalanced and just snaps. Still, it's one of my favorite lenses.

Picked up a film camera not too long ago. Finally got the prints back. The camera works and the photos have a nice look to them. Going to run a roll of BW film through it, see what I get.

Eatin' ice cream with my main man Oliver back in Florida. This kid is super sharp, intelligent and charming. I had a great time talking with him about life through the eyes of a 5-year-old. Also, ice cream.

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