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Michael DeCerbo  There may be some nice things on here, some bad things, and maybe some strange things, all of which are me.

Self portrait. 40. Half of my life behind me, half or less in front of me.

Oh, hey, more photos of dudes working out on my instagram. I need to broaden my horizons. @nrrs getting a closing workout in at @nonamefit

When you shoot ya shot with the "wyd?" text at 3am. Putting it all on the line into the abyss of rejection. Photo is just a post kickboxing clinic mess around. Clinic was great. Thank you to everyone that showed up. I get all rainman autistic when it comes to fight sports and I want to just give you all my knowledge and tell you everything, so please excuse my verbal stumbling during the class. I'm just excited. And when people are doing well I get even more excited. Anyway, thank you to @nonamefit and thank you to everyone that showed up.

Shot some photos last night with the homie @lunatic787 and did some grip and behind the scenes stuff for @ryanjruiz with his shoot. Gabe basically just wanted some gym photos, so we agreed and told him that he's gonna get set on fire. Which he was. Check Ryan's feed for those coming soon. So anyway. First photo is just some gym terminator shit. Broke out a blue gelled speedlight and some chalk. Second photo was a behind the scenes, but I loved and the angle and the framing. Very fight club. Third is just a simple capture between takes. Looking like Superman. Fourth is Gabe Hellboy. Red and blue gels. Fifth is ryan doing his lighting thing, which he does incredibly well. So that was my Thursday night. Finally got to shoot a bit. And as always, special thank you to @nonamefit for letting us use the gym for photos.

I hate to flex on myself but these photos came out mad fire. I do this stuff to help my friends and to see them succeed. My cousin and friends' store @_theclassroom and my photo friends, especially one I've been working with a lot who, without realizing, is teaching me a lot through watching him work and seeing the results of his knowledge and skill, @ryanjruiz We all work together so well, and the results speak for themselves. I wish all my friends nothing but success and I'll help them anyway I can. Clothes styled by @alanjavillonar

Gonna need sound on this one. We are doing it again. This time we're adding in a dash of kickboxing. Come through to @nonamefit on April 22nd for an educational clinic on fisticuffs. We'll be covering the basics of stand up combat with a few tricks to hone your skills. No prior experience needed. This is a fun intro class where you'll get to learn drills and hit pads. We always have a good time. League of shadows logo by @deandigamon and 📸 by @ryanjruiz

Just some hot fire from the camera of @ryanjruiz shooting some looks for @_theclassroom this past weekend. This is a one-piece "romper" which is incredibly comfortable and breathable. Shown here with the accompanying vest, both pieces from @engineered_garments_tokyo

Hadn't shot all week. Shoulder has been acting up, so I shot a self portrait of where it hurts and how it feels. If anyone would like to treat me to stem cell therapy, I'm down. Also used my speed light grid for this. I like the isolation of light.

Work stuff. Haven't shot anything all week. Picked up a few pieces of gear though. Looking forward to my week off. Lemme know if anyone wants to do hoodrat photo stuff last week of march.

Spent my Sunday afternoon at the gym. Experimented with some angles and lighting. Tough to film yourself but gotta get the ideas out to move on.

Thinking about doing a boxing/kickboxing class or clinic. With a focus on technique and strategy. I believe that if you're going to use self-defense as a means to fitness, you better teach the principles correctly. Bad habits are hard to break. So yeah. Shout me out if you wanna punch me.

Self portrait - waking up, everything hurts all the time. I can only imagine and dread what waking up at 50 would feel like.

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