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First, you love somebody, you trust that person and that one shits on you. It's been more than a year that I've been living without you and your wickedness had reached an unforgivable and unforgettable level. I'm very disappointed that you've become that person who only shows up for your interests to be served, who do you think you are ?! I am a frank person and honestly, I do not want to deal with you everyday. I do not want to share anything about my life. I think you were supposed to set an example ? I hate when people want to give you lessons when they act worse. And unfortunately, you are that kind of person... I'm not happy to know you are coming. I'm sad... #DisappointedForLife. #Family. #BrokenBrotherhood. #LifeWithoutYouIsBetter. #Frank. #Honest.

Do you believe in astrology?
You are said to hardly be in a relationship. You love your freedom but you do not see every relationship as a burden.
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PROUD OF @equipedefrance
Thank you for the nice goal ! I wish the next match will be better ! Congratulations to the team and shout out to @els_9_france for her goal.
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Picture : Madagascar
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Be careful if you have to use th A7, that road is closed because of a huge accident !
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Shout out to my sister from another mother who welcome me home for almost one month ! I met her thanks to her last couple page and from now on, she has never left me. God bless you, you're one of the sweetest soul I've ever met.
Photograph : @victooirestmagique
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I'm sorry if I do not post as much as when I am in Aix-en-Provence (FrenchRiviera) but I'm doing nothing pretty interesting and changing. I take a lot of time to find a work for my mother and I, I am chilling on the balcony, in the garden or in the living room. I make the most of that love and huge apartment, that's what my life looks like these days. I'm struggling because of eyes aches and I'm waiting for August to see my Doctor (in holidays) to ask for an emergency prescription to consult an ophthalmologist, that's why I remain pretty silent but I am here.
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When we go somewhere, we buy postcards that we directly send or bring home. In 2013, I got the chance to go to Italy for the first time! Thank God and you Mama' to pay for it. I feel so blessed and so lucky ! I've been visiting Roma/Rome, Firenze/Florence, the Roman Forum, the Vatican, etc.
Through hard times, never forget the joyful things you've been living in your life. Be grateful, be blessed, be positive.
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I can't be prouder of you. You made me live that special day with me and you let me discover a nice and lovely vlogger. Thank you for letting me live that special day with you. I can't explain how I feel but you are the best. Thankful from God for bringing you into my life. It was your day. Thank you to be committed to serve our country. God knows how it is meaningful for me.
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Picture : Memory from Madagascar (2015)

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Happy 14th July to French people and every French lover in one way or another. Today is your day Sweetheart ! A lot of people dream about it and you will be there ! I'm so proud of you ! Nothing greater than serving your country and dedicating your life to the others. I will be waiting to see you, be sure ! You're such a sweetheart, sweet love, I can't wait to see you soon. 😍

My France is string by her diversity, culture, monuments, bakeries, different environments and regions, religions and more over tolerance. No matter how strong some shitty people behaving want me to admit that I am not French, I WILL NEVER DO IT ! NEVER E-VER ! Even if I am a native French citizen by some rights, my paternal grandfather is Caribbean (Martinique) and thanks to him, I have a French last name. He was a military almost all his life, my uncles to in France and somewhere else is Madagascar and my father became one too. The Land forces and Air Forces are present in my family. Do not ask how can I have that uniform vocation !

I'm French and proud to be because their vision of France is not mine ! I love my lovely France.
Special thoughts to Nice Bastille Day victims, we do not forget you ! Huge thoughts to those who are fighting far from their family and everything. May God protect you. We are one.
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Merci à @julienfabro pour sa jolie vidéo en immersion avec l'Armée de Terre mais surtout ce joli petit coeur présent dans la vidéo. Je vous recommande Julien Fabro qui a l'air adorable et a fait une vidéo d'une qualité incroyable! Ce 14 Juillet aura une saveur particulière pour moi aujourd'hui, mais surtout pour toi! Un joli petit coeur qui défilera! 😍

Merci à toi qui dédie ton temps pour la sécurité des autres, merci à toi de risquer ta vie tous les jours, merci à toi de t'être engagé, parce que oui, tous les deux, nous voulons servir la France, et toi, tu le fais déjà depuis bien longtemps, et je ne suis pas peu fière de toi ! Une pensée spéciale à ceux, comme toi, qui ont dû passer une courte nuit, une rude nuit en veillant au grain que ça soit dans les hôpitaux, dans la rue, ailleurs. Merci aux Policiers/Policières, Sapeurs-pompiers et Marins-Pompiers, Militaires de l'Armée de Terre comme toi et de l'Armée de l'Air, merci à la Sécurité Civile et merci d'exister ! Pensée particulière pour @mrn.73 et surtout à la belle @withpain_comes_strength qui passera son premier 14 Juillet en tant que militaire ! Je vous embrasse tous !
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