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Decathlon Sports India  "Making sports accessible to the many" Sport is for all - so let's play and experience it's pleasure & benefit. #decathlonsportsindia

Swimming pools are a must visit to meet your 2019 fitness resolution.
Yes that's true, a gymnasium is not the only place that will help you achieve your goal this year.
Grab on your kickboard and your fins and you are a step closer to fitness !
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"You can - if you believe you can" says @afreen317 who transformed her life with her passion to be fit.
It is inspirational to witness such an experience !
We believe this will motivate each one us to work on leading a fit life !
What is your resolution for this new year ? Comment and tell us πŸ‘‡βŒ¨οΈ
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"Do you want to miss out on experiencing 3/4 th of our world 🌏?
This got me thinking and I decided to pursue my passion for water sports with Scuba Diving.
What started as a 'shallow' attempt eventually became a part of my personality.
After 3 years since my first dive, I am an advance certified diver with a passion that primarily decides what I do during my holidays.
What I really love about scuba diving is how close we get to nature and it's creation we do not see in our regular lives.
Being inside ship wrecks, close to stingrays, finding Nemo and witnessing colors I do not know names of is some of the experiences under waters.
We learn to respect our own existence because all you can hear is your own breathing !
It also taught me to be responsible towards the environment because once you are down there you see how our actions affect the marine life.
It is funny to now look back and think of all the misconceptions I had about scuba before I started with respect to -
Is it Dangerous ?
Do I need to be a pro swimmer?
What if something wrong happens while I am in the waters? Etc.
But once I got into this, I now realize it is far safer than the roads we transit on everyday and the R & D is so advanced that every situation can be safely handled with the right training.
I hope each one of us deep dives and doesn't miss out on witnessing what more than 70% of our world is.
Ok πŸ‘Œ ?" shares @31oshruty.
That is truly inspiring! We wish you deeper dives πŸ‘πŸ˜
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"Sports Really For All"
A voluntary initiative completely driven by the passion & interest of our team members.
Currently working with 35 Government Schools & 2 NGOs.
The purpose is to coach at least 1 hour every week with children who do not play sport for various reasons be it awareness, accessibility or affordability.
Currently in association with Government schools
#sportsreallyforall #initiative #teammembers #purpose #breakbarriers #vulnerable #children #sports #india #vision #makingsports #accessible #tothemany

Here is @swatirajputofficial sharing her first from 2019
Swipe to see the video of the struggle behind this posture.
I do have certain expectations from 2019, infact we all have . Let's utilize our full potential to achieve something special , something unique.
This year I'm going to mix my weight training with yoga because I have realised they truely complement each other.
I always wanted to have a healthy lifestyle. That means regular work out sessions and eating clean. The day I discovered strength training at my gym, it became my best friend. But recently a question striked.. that i have been only physically training my body , what about my balance and when I say balance it means my - internal balance of healthy mind, body and soul . The harmony of all the elements and that's when I thought of yoga, a simple form of training which you can do anywhere. Be it at your home or at your workplace in a very minimalistic set up. .
There are super benefits if you combine strength training and yoga together.
1) Strength and flexibility of muscles
2) Explosiveness and endurance
3) Synergy of mind body and soul
4) Stress buster and relaxation of mind . .
But there are few things to keep in mind before you can dive in and get started.
First of all, if you're new to both yoga and strength training, then I would recommend that you spend a couple of months on one and establish a solid foundation before incorporating the other into your routine.
I've decided that i m going to use fitness to gain a balanced life through yoga.
When it comes to conquering balancing postures, most of the battle is fear. Whether you're a beginner or an intermediate, yoga definitely challenges your equilibrium. Remember, even if you topple down time after time, the only way you'll improve is if you don't give up.
So here comes this year's first posture .. which was a challenge for me as you can see in the video .. but not giving up even after multiple failures gave me the result I wanted .
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"Now Open"
Joy is what we feel to finally play sport with the city of joy #Kolkata as Decathlon Salt Lake is now open in Salt Lake Sector 5.
Thank you for all the love 😍.
#grand #opening #cityofjoy #kolkatacity #saltlake #sport #nowopen #seeyou #happyfeeling #team #india #westbengal #india #decathlonsportsindia

See - Click - Find !
We are very excited to bring to you - Visual Search on Facebook Messenger!
Click what you like and find products which are similar looking to it ! Of course , go ahead and shop for what you like from these ! Simple isn't it ?
Let's end this wonderful year by trying this amazing feature shall we ?
Over to your Facebook messenger now ... #visualsearch #introducing #satisfiedorsatisfied #userfirst #sportforall #allforsport #click #discover #shop

Meet snow πŸ•
"The newest member of the clan. We went for a short day hike to the base of Hamta Pass, and all of us had so much fun in Snow with snow and oreo.
It was a random plan, and I am so glad it happened because I am feeling so fresh after days of work and madness.
We all must take a break from our routines"
We couldn't agree more Prakriti ! Especially at this time of the year it is all about discovering something new - be it a hidden interest, passion, place or lives !
We wish all of you the very best while you are enjoying sporting the mountains at Hampta !
Greetings for the season 🎊
#mountainsports #ilovemountains #hamptapass #discover #new #animallovers #sports #himachalpradesh #india #decathlonsportsindia

Swam across the English Channel at the age of 46. Age truly is just a number after all.

Srikaanth tells us:
"To be honest I was always scared of water. I once had a β€œnear death” experience during the initial days when I was learning to swim.
I was trembling on the deck for a while & vowed to never attempt swimming again. However, my coach persisted that I come for class the very next day & there has been no stopping since then. Finally, at the age of 46, I lived my dream of swimming across the English Channel to become the Oldest Indian to have done so." From Nutrition - Physical Fitness - Overcoming an injury - to being mentally prepared. Read what Srikaanth shares about this inspiring experience. Link is in the bio πŸ”—.
#swimming #englishchannel #finisher #agenobarrier #wherethereisawillthereisaway #experience #discover #motivation #inspiration #nabaiji #sport #india #decathlonsportsindia

"I came to know about Triathlon through sport events like 10k run, swimathon, aquathon and endurance run.
I have started my Triathlon training since August 2018 and have participated in a few including Olympic distance at Trithonnur. My latest was the half iron distance at Hyderabad which to summarise in one word was "Awesome".
The feeling to cross the finish line after going through all, pushing the physical and mental limits, witnessing results of trainings is so priceless.
I am in love with Triathlon! It was wonderful to be able to find just the perfect Trisuit at my beloved @decathlonsportsindia where all my pre-existing doubts about this found answers. I realised how quick it dried up and functions perfectly during transition right from my trainings.
What next coming for me before I hit the Ironman 140.6 at Malaysia, a few more half iron distances, swimathons 5k, 10k and few marathons, few BRM 200s await me." shares @daredevil5100 . Thank you for this Siddharth ! We wish you the very best for your preparations ! More power to you πŸ’ͺ🏼
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Like minded enthusiasts around us only make the experience of sporting better !
Here is a glimpse from our team members enjoying a walk post work.
Walking has countless benefits despite being a very simple sport to pursue. All you need is :
Your will &
A pair of shoes !
To all of us who enjoy walking, tag your friends/family you enjoy going on a walk with here in the comments belowπŸ‘‡
#walking #sportforall #newfeel #havefeetwillwalk #enjoy #together #team #discover #sport #india #decathlonsportsindia

"Nothing feels like floating on Water to me. Delightful, Perfect 😍❀️" says @sarinesouls defining the Sunday mood for a lot of us ! It is a lovely feeling to sport the waters and feel relaxed.
We wish you the best of luck with your water sports πŸ‘πŸ» #float #pool #swimming #swimmer #indianblogger #watersports #waterbaby #loveswimming #nabaiji #india #decathlonsportsindia

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