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debtfreejourney_inga  Mom of 6 👩🏻👧🏻👦🏻🧑🏻🧒🏻👶🏻 Wife 💍 Debt free newbie! Baby step #1

Pretty much sums it up!!!

I get so discouraged y’all! I got me a PT job at the hospital in housekeeping and I was relieved when I got my first small paycheck because it covered my cell phone which is not cheap to say the least! Thank you all for your post who make this journey a bit easier!

How I have felt since March! Was off budget, but not spending much and watching my habits! I got me a second job FT since my first one is WAH and all that income is going to BS 2! All thanks to Gods grace!

Monday motivation!

Eating out money is definitely not in my budget right now. My friend text me that Brusters was giving out free ice cream to kids. I took my 6 kids and got 6 tickets, but because my baby got the free Baby cone, I was able to use his ticket! Score!

A little humor!

My sisters got me a pressure cooker because I mentioned I wanted one, but it wasn’t in my budget! They live in CA and I in GA so I was shocked to see UPS with a package from Macy’s because I never shop there! #sosweet #nicegift #budgetlife #iwasfeelingdowntodaytoo

A little Friday humor! Thank god for my free financial specialist from church! #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #goals #budgeting

I know life happens, but I was really getting the hang of this and now this happens 😔

This weekend I gave in and we ate out twice!!! It had been a while, but we I am human and it wasn’t in the budget! It was $50 for both times, so I looked in my pantry, freezer, and fridge and made my meal plans. I went to Aldi and bought groceries for the week for $53.55!!! My weekly budget is $100 for a family of 8. I’m not very proud of the fact that I broke the budget, but I was able to come up with the missing $50 and call it a day!

Ok y’all I just paid 3k that I owed to citi card for sears when I got my fridge and washer, but didn’t stop there I keep using it to get out of jams because I wasn’t budgeting! This hurts, but feels good! It will take 3 days to leave my account but I know it’s over with! #priorities #firstdebtgone

@debtkickinmom this will be my first time trying this! I hope I’m doing it right... I know you said not to fill up the jar, but in my defense it’s not full 😆

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