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Debra DiGiovanni  Human comedian weirdo

What if this was my house? And i live here with my hot husband who wants to kiss me all the time- and we have naked Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday and Sundays (him only) and he kills all the spiders. That’d be fun. #realestateporn

But if you enjoy it, have fun! PIP PIP or whatever. #royalwedding



Good night, jerks.

Had so much fun with Jimmy Pardo and the #nevernotfunny PARDCAST. Listen to us in episode 2213 on @earwolf now!

The after party. GOING ALL NIGHT!!!

New episode of Killing Time with Debra and Zach is up on iTunes now! This pic of @zachnoetowers also counts as my #WCW 😛♥️

Let’s try this again... THE DIRTIER VERSION!

I have no idea what I’m talking about.

Saturday! Afternoon fun times!

Alright. Calm down.

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