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Deb Haggett  Individuals seeking handmade artisan pottery, Welcome. Gardens, oceans & coffee please. •Connecticut• Small Batches #etsyseller #deborahhaggett 🔆🌸☕️🐋

These little birds (4) 🐦 are flying to a new home in California 💝. They were inspired by my berry gardens and perennials. We have a condominium if birds in our row of arborvitae’s 🌲 on our humble acre. I had to net the berries AND make sure it was attached to the ground. 🙄They are clever 😉 little buggers. Anyway ... I do treat them from time to time. ❣️ ⏭ swipe yo see 👀. 🐦
🐦🐦 🐦🐦
What do you think 🤔... more wall art? What glaze colors would you like to see? 🤓 #blueberries 🐦🐦

Last night when I reached in my pocket to pull out my 💍 ‘s instead of 3 I only had 2. 😞. I’ve backtracked, swept, checked the slip bucket 🤢 and placed a notice @scartri. 📝 It was my gold wedding band. I had it so long. I would take off my rings because it always left marks in the clay. Have you ever lost a piece of jewelry? 😥#praytostanthony #ineedaprayer ✌🏻
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Here’s the chattering that I did today on 6 bowls. The texture is phenom on translucent glazes. It’s darker in the crevices and lighter on the edge. Try it ... #letthechipsfallwheretheymay 💕

For some reason I took to chattering. I think it’s because of the way the glaze dances over the texture. I make my own chattering tools. See my story... I’ll be posting it in action.

It’s a little challenging when you make bowls with wide rims AND you’re part of a collective studio. Lots of other potters all ranges. 💕 it’s the best community But sometimes when you go back to you’re lovely 😊 Creations ... they might be a bit altered 🙄. Sliding peoples work to fit others can sometimes be a lesson in patience 😆💕. ..
So I decided to make my bowls with a rim because many times they get a bit ⭕️ wonky. Even though they come out of the bisque 🔥 ok ... sometimes in the ⚡️kiln after glazing they warp a bit. Since I throw a bit thin 🙄 ... I put a rim on it 👍🏻. ...
Do most of you have your own studio? Do you have studio memberships?

I’m trying to be a little bit more steady 🙄 in the studio. The goal was to throw the 25lb bag of Bmix. Well... as goals go 😌 I made 8 balls of about 3 lbs... and ended with 6 bowls. Gotta love clay... I’m hoping to wedge up the rest for some mugs to match. I’ll post a live later. ••
75% (6 out of 8) ... I bet most of you potters are operating much closer to 💯😊. PS. ... news alert 🚨... just purchased a kiln!

Tonight will be my 3rd sailing lesson @urisailingclub 😅. What’s with all the ropes? 🙄 before I go you can be sure I’ll have a little coffee roadie on the way. What’s you’re go to bev ? ⛵️ ⛵️
PS I have 3 of these large whimsy purplehaze cups with matching bowls. Happy #mugshotmonday 😍 @coffeemugsdaily @craftsposure

I’ve always arranged flowers ... not for 💰 but 💕 and color. ☀️ I used to go for wildflower walks as a kid, 🤔 what will we find today? I think my mom started me with forget me nots, buttercups and dandelions 😊. Since then I’ve planted a #symphonyofflowers 🌸. The whole process is fascinating... from the dirt to the #flowerboquet. ☀️ On my daily walk in the garden you never know what will pop up. 😉. Just yesterday I had to steal a huge pink zinnia from a beautiful 🦋. ☀️ So, as passions go... have you managed to ever monetize your passion? For me it’s in the growing, cultivating and sharing that has brought such happiness and growth. ✌🏻 Whats your favorite 🌺 flower?

#handles aren’t always that easy. 🙄 This #potteryvideo makes it look like a snap. ☀️
I acquired an awesome 👏🏻 tool from @highsmithanna when she taught a 🤚🏻 building class @scartri. Never underestimate how much you can learn from a class.
So the #scoringtool you see is from it is a favorite of mine.
What’s your fav tool? 😉 @coffeemugsdaily

These were such cuties to make. These are little mindful reminders to place that special jewelry in a spot you’ll remember 💕. I have to take my rings off when I throw clay. Do you ever take rings off?

No filter in this garden☀️. So full of surprise and wonder. It makes a perfect backdrop🌸. It’s an iPhone vid. To you use a camera 📷or iphone for pics? Just wondering 🤔

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