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Always listen to parental concerns! They know their kid better than anyone. Mom expressed some concerns about this guy's understanding of "when" so here we are working on it! Next time we will work on now and later. #slp #slps #slp2b #slpeeps

I've been doing a lot of coloring!

We are going to start working on conversational then taking #pragmatics #sociallanguage

I was trying to read this story about a monster who has all these colorful emotions but all he wanted to talk about was the Titanic.

As a child, I remember my grandma was assistant manager at Genovese. Then it was Eckard and then it was Rite Aid. We would go to visit her there a lot and she always seemed so popular. She was a fun boss because everyone got a kick out of her, but no one messed with her. She's tough. There was a McDonalds next door and she went every week and got us those Ty beanie babies so we could have every new one that came out. When I was in the fourth grade, we moved in with her. It was me, Amanda, Aunt Jessie, Gram, and anywhere from 2-5 dogs, all at 60 Wilson Terrace. All the walls were mirrors and my grandma cleaned them with windex and newspapers. She changed her work schedule at Eckerd to match our school schedule. Everyday, Gram walked to work on Hylan blvd and Amanda and I walked to school on Targee st. Aunt Jessie Clark complained every morning that we were too loud, too early and got too much damn sleep! Then she drove herself to work. One time, we had a blue jay's nest near our front gate and couldn't get from the gate to the front door without being attacked. The first day it happened, we had no clue what was going on! The bird swooped down and we all screamed and dropped everything we were carrying. The front walk was littered with school bags and Eckerd purchases. This is the same year Aunt Jessie bought a horse so all of our free time was spent at the horse stable by Clove Lakes Park. Gram cooked dinner every night and it was always good. Also, so many people came to visit us all the time. Every night Gram would watch jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune and wait for Yolanda Vega to call the lottery numbers. We'd always watch Buffy on nights when it was on but Dawson's Creek came on too late so I never got to watch that. We had a pool and gram used to put the hose on the deck above the pool and the water would shower down like a waterfall or heavy rain. By the time I started 5th grade we moved to Delaware. I had a pool party before we left. It was really hard to move that time. I think this year in the 4th grade was the best time of my life. Happy Birthday to the best Grandmother ever created!!!! I need you to feel better soon!

I'm moving and going through everything! Even my notes from undergrad.

If you're ever on the island, stop here. It's the best pizza you'll ever have.

Here we are working on speech sound production, following directions, maintaining attention to a teacher directed task, and phonemic awareness. Some kids really struggle to remain on task. You have to just keep pulling them back in until they get t. Don't give up! If you're out of breath by the time you're finished your session, then you probably did the best you could. Believe me, every time you do it, it gets easier and easier! #slp #slps #slp2b #slpeeps #slpslovecoffee #speechtherapy #speechpathology #speechtherapist #speechlanguagepathology #ashaigers

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