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  Mostly clouds and cats.

I realised I never posted any photos at all of the rally. Photo by @unstoppabot.

Curator John Overholt showing off a fore-edge painting (part of the Richardson collection at Harvard's Houghton Library).

The monkey's paw strikes again. 😳

Well, one of my sabbatical goals *was* to work on my visual communication skills…

#zoesighting is demo'ing the new doormat.

Also in today's post: heat-sensitive stamps and challenge coins (reverse: Operation Enduring Clusterfuck; obverse: #lifegoals leaving things less fucked up than when we got here). Thanks, @willowbl00.

New academic year, new poster for the office door. By @wendymac and Courtney Martin.

Months of sending stuff to my office while I was away means it's like Christmas in here. @amyrosethielen's memoir, GIVE A GIRL A KNIFE. LA Kaufman's DIRECT ACTION (thanks, @hilobrow!) @mckelvie and @kierongillen' COMPLETE PHONOGRAM. Angela Saini's INFERIOR, suddenly a hell of a lot more topical in my circles. The new FRANKENSTEIN, annotated for scientists and engineers. I've spent enough time in LA to be embarrassed I haven't read much Didion. And more.

Today's "it's William Gibson's world, we're just living in it' at the Gap in Harvard Square. This is infinitely more pleasant than the usual reminder, which is #jackpotnews.

How #zoesighting gets her hashtag.

Julian Nott (1975, recreated 2002) This is a hot-air balloon made only with materials that would have been available near the Nazca Lines in Peru to a thousand years ago, including a gondola made from totora reed from Lake Titicaca, to explore the possibility that the pre-Incan culture that made the lines might have seen them from above. At the New Inflatables exhibit at the BSA. /cc @wayne_chambliss

Graham Stevens, "Desert Cloud" (1972) A 10x12x2m tethered solar balloon, the top surface is clear and the bottom black, so sunlight heats the air inside and it rises, providing shade in the heat of the day. At the BSA's "New Inflatables" exhibit.

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