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Sometimes #nerdtown is very #nerdtown. (South Station ad takeover)

Was on a panel at MIT this afternoon, and then went to the reception, where there was a short talk by the scientific director of the new Psyche mission, Lindy Elkins-Tanton at ASU (only the second woman ever to helm such a mission). Psyche is a metal asteroid out between Mars and Jupiter that's thought to be the core of a failed protoplanet. Me and the Harvard prof I was on the panel with immediately decided we needed mission swag (she went for the temporary tattoo).

Post-boxing, pre-library breakfast in a Southie diner full of men in hi-viz jackets with logos for mast climbing work platform manufacturers.

Moar cowbell. Yes, I did just buy several cowbells for work. Did I mention I have the #bestjobever?

I am ABSURDLY proud of myself for baking an apple pie (1) and then figuring out how to affix it to my bike, and then riding over to my friends' place in Somerville for dinner, arriving with an intact pie. It's in an upside-down salad spinner, which was too round and slippery to really trust to a bungee cable, so it's also tied down with (reflective!) yarn (2). I also learned to do the yarn-tying in the hallway, where there are no slightly-crazed with playtime-excitement cats (3). #emergencyleroy

She's been lying like this for some minutes. #emergencyleroy

Hot and sour mushroom-tofu soup on a cold autumn day. Thanks to @mot27 for the recipe. #uglyfood

Look what came in the post! Thanks to @blech for the lovely surprise gift, which instantly got relocated to my office.

Matsutake gohan.

Happy US publication day to the @oharasisters lovely HORTENSE AND THE SHADOW!

Home from San Francisco, where 'home' means 'back in my office'. I had a conversation with someone who talked about how he changed fields every five years because he'd 'learned all there was to know' which made me 😳. I change fields too, but it's because there's something else I want to learn about, not because I've done more than scratch the surface of spaces that people spend their careers in. All knowledge is fractal. Pretty grateful I get to play in and contribute to fields that I won't ever feel like I will run out of.

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