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  Mostly clouds and cats.

Industrial remnants, New England. Lower of two sawmill ponds, with another pond nearby that was for an ironworks. Now all part of the Noanet Woods reservation, just outside Boston.

Treating headache/malaise/burnout with an afternoon off, a nap, and Cape Breton oatcakes. /cc @justin_pickard

After the storm. #nofilter

Before the storm. It's straight-up apocalyptic right now,

She likes to think of herself as an evil genius. #emergencyleroy

Happy Mother's Day. A few minutes later, she stood up, and there were nine—NINE—goslings under there. It was like a gosling clown car.

Took my bike (and my legs) up the Charles for a spring shakedown cruise with friends.

New (steel-toed, Japanese, work) boots. Thanks to @tezcatlipoca and @bustedsneakers for the intel.

Randomly in my hoody pocket. #debchaworld

Quite exhausted after two days of sitting quietly and interacting with strangers. Only non- and fictional humans as company tonight (starting a re-read of Ken MacLeod's "Fall Revolution" quartet). #zoesighting

Yo dawg, I hear you like oysters… I'm not sure I've shucked an oyster since I moved back from Seattle, but it turns out you don't forget how. Wellfleets on sale at the grocery store as I was on my way home to dinner.

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