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hey guys welcome to my makeup tutorial it's all special FX prosthetics and there is no highlighter
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Everyone who bought a hat not only looks mad cute but also supports a domestic violence helpline that I love 💒🖤👔

same same but different

My iphone finally decided to just never turn back on, and this is true freedom

My moms in my signature dadhat


It was labeled watermelon but they must think we're dumb what is this a watermelon for ants

My grandparents just celebrated their 60th anniversary! They got married on the 13th. My grandpa says there's no such thing as luck, bad or good; that you make your own.
He's made some pretty good luck if he's still married to my angel grandma 60 years later.

Have more picnics! Make it special, whatever it is.

I made hats for my ladies.

getting ready is 2 minutes of face washing, 1 minute to flick that wing, and 17 minutes of untangling my hair from all my earrings

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