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The Mercy to my Soldier — when you’re online, you never know what the people on your team are doing with their face. it could be all pink n glittery, some my little pony type face mask noise you rly never know

this is how the cast of Insatiable gets when you walk in — I uploaded a video to my IGTV of all of us wilding out in a neon room so you’re gonna wanna watch that now

I don’t know if you’ve seen @insatiable yet but I LOVE THESE PEOPLE — we all got together today to share our thoughts on Brick and laugh and eat snacks. Check everyone’s pages for madness.

this guy rocks. his jacket is super cool, especially because he usually only springs for the bottom half of an outfit.
the tee he got in Australia years ago n put it on when he got off work at the American Music Date. he hit his drum pile and they set stuff on fire and overall the show had a 7/10 snack game and a 9/10 friend turnout great job

you may be a warrior, but you’re only a victim if you give it the power. romance your serotonin 🌹
direct your perspective. we need us.


weekends with your people are key

This bandito (pictured, center) and his main dude just absolutely sennnt it on the album Trench. It was built on patience— theirs, yours, those around it— and patience not wasted. There’s hope in the record, life in the music, courage in the DNA and excellence in the execution (on behalf of everyone who touches this project). I think this band is the most clever and cool and right and different and inspired,
Buy it, air drum along 😻, watch the My Blood video immediately, then just try to imagine the live show (can’t)

bride’s gang #ciaocharnow

when they give you a goooood glossy smoky eye on a shoot, it’s editorial n chic. ...when you show up straight to a dinner date like that, it’s “emo” n “ain’t it”

Looking for hot sauce in Kiev

Dude spence when you’d drive your pickup to get hot wings in 2012, you were cool. But you as Gio cruising in ‘87 is next level vibes. Hope folks love the movie this weekend

@people c/o legend @steventaylor

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