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Day 75 #bty84 Salamba Sarvangasana / Supported Shoulder Stand This was the second photo, the first was surprising.... I thought I was actively engaging, but not, so reset shoulders and arms and up again sending that energy up through the souls of the feet and engage that Buddha belly, oh... and smile! #breathetogetheryoga #jennprughyoga

Day 74 #bty84 Viparita Karani / Upside down or Legs up Wall Sigh, oh yeah! Prop yourself in whatever way makes you feel great, cover eyes with lovely scented eye pillow and off you go...fantastic restorative. Can add in breath work and leg variations like baddha Konasana or straddle legs while here. #breathetogetheryoga #jennprughyoga

Day 73 #bty84 Sasangasana / Rabbit Trying to make small like a little bunny rabbit as opposed to a long, lanky jack rabbit! Had to do this before my dinner of leafy salad greens 🐇🥗 so mula bandha could have a chance to be engaged! #breathetogetheryoga #jennprughyoga

Day 72 #bty84 Sirsasana / Headstand Inverting in nature with sisters help. I used to feel more confident with this pose in the past....getting back in touch with my core, center, hara, dantien, mula bandha....its in there somewhere. #breathetogetheryoga #jennprughyoga

The bark on this sugar pine was so amazing and the scent they exude is really quite heavenly, especially when heated up by the sun .... forest bathing and tree sniffing ... ahhhh ☺️

Day 71 #bty84 Hanumanasana / Monkey Taking the flying leap across Lake Tahoe! Left side a bit more open, but hips not quite squared as you can see from back foot turn out in both photos... rocky ledge a bit tough on knees and slightly precarious, but lots of fun! #jennprughyoga #breathetogetheryoga

Day 70 #bty84 Agnistambhasana ~ Firelog ~ Nothing like yoga in nature to put a smile on your face and happy in your soul. #jennprughyoga #breathetogetheryoga

Day 69 #bty84 Gomuhkasana / Cow Face Breathing into those hip flexors .... once I can release them, I then lengthen the spine so I can bring my chin over the top of the knee and rest there. Going inward, getting quiet. #breathetogetheryoga #jennprughyoga

Day 68 #bty84 Eka Pada Rajakapotasana / One Legged King Pigeon I tried a few variations. I have never really thought it would be possible for me to bring my arms overhead and take hold of even a toe... maybe with daily practice...time will tell. #breathetogetheryoga #jennprughyoga

Day 67 #bty84 Kurmasana / Tortoise Um, yeah, back looks just like a turtle 🐢 shell. This one is most challenging on my shoulders, so must ease into it carefully. Sometimes I feel like there is just so much of me to try to put into the right places... surely this must be easier for short, small people, right ?!? Well, once there, it feels like a dark, quiet cave....
#breathetogetheryoga #jennprughyoga

Day 66 #bty84 Upavistha Konasana / Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend 💖 My yoga sangha ... so precious 🙏🏼Thank you @jennprugh for creating the space for this to happen. #breathetogetheryoga #jennprughyoga

Day 65 #bty84 Baddha Konasana / Bound Angle I like to make a little arch of the upper back and lift the chest then move forward and extend hands out in front... so many ways to approach this pose. Props or none, feet gathered in close or further out in front, soles together or apart, elbows on inner knees or not. Isn't it wonderful how our body gets to choose! #jennprughyoga #breathetogetheryoga

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