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And a little treat for the bigs for not burning down the house while I was clocked in!! #twinwin

Best part of my workday is picking up my little #3!

Monday Déjà vu!

🍕Friday night tradition🍕 Pizza picnic and a movie. Brent is TDY with the just me and the boys. We did this every single Friday night for a solid year. Thankfully it's just a couple of weeks this time...easy peazy after we made it a year.

He wants to wear his swimsuit to bed. Okay. *refer to earlier post* 'I can wear whatever I want' #3 advantage=totally fine with me! Night night

Even when he is near meltdown phase and asserting his independence showing me 'I can wear whatever I want' he is adorable #3

Duh. Of course I have Valentines socks that perfectly clash with my work shoes.

This is what 'my dad is TDY and mom has to wake me up @5:30am on her work day' looks like. My pitiful #3

How do you fall asleep in this position??? Night night #3

Besides the million other amazing things it does...that instapot makes the most amazing boiled eggs. Ever

I love to document the everyday moments and look back on those details. The ones we think we will remember forever. I saw a little video of someone who used this 1 sec app and compiled a movie at the end of the year. I started my project in December and have loved this project so far. This is a sneak peak...

Because I told him sticks belong outside. #3 #ilovefalloutonthefloormoments