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Debbie Cook 

I don't have a desk job. Obviously #sotired

Stuck in the parking lot with a dead battery. Waiting for help. So of course we take a selfie. From the mouth of a tween...."Mom, can you put a filter on that? Mom. Please put a filter on that!" Ummm. Would that help? Hahah

Look. He wrote his name all by himself with us just calling out the letter. I love this so much!!!!

Holy hands batman.

Easily the worst chore of my household. It never goes away. Ever

The best thing happened today! We finally had our claims inspector come and evaluate our damaged items (from our move almost a year ago 😳) so my husband could finally fix our damaged fridge. Re wired and poof..we finally have a garage beer fridge back. I can't live without a garage fridge. So this dinged up now rewired fridge became the beer fridge as of today!!!!

'I can see white stuff. Can you see my bones?' Poor little dude took a bat to the eye. #thanksbigbrother

Teacher application cupcake! I was so tempted to take a bite before giving it to Bennett's teacher!

I'm always thankful for peaceful evenings

My little year long project coming along. april done...on to may!

Waiting with Spider-Man

He is getting 4 year old shots today. He doesn't know it. This is making me feel better...before I see the look of horror on his face! #imgoingtocry #icantbringmyselftotellhim #dreadingthis

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