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Health And Wellness  🖤 life is tough, but I’m tougher ✝️ Faith > Fear ⭐️ Be still and know • Psalm 46:10

I’m the worst procrastinator, seriously bad. I swear my motto should be “why do today what you can put off until tomorrow”🤦🏻‍♀️but I hate it. Even when I’m doing it, I hate it. So, it’s my new focus area: to stop fuc*ing procrastinating! In all areas —> self development, fitness, career/business, home, etc. .
➿anyone with tips to help with breaking the procrastination cycle, feel free to comment or DM me, pleaseee!!➿

Life is too short to live it less than amazing✨


Mental health and mental illness is something that needs attention. A lot more attention. And not just when something happens. Or when a celebrity succumbs to its darkness. It needs more attention today. Tomorrow. Next week. And on going. Not just when it results in suicide or an attempt. It needs attention before it gets to that. We openly and often talk about other illness without shame or prejudice. But we don’t do the same with mental illness. Depression. Anxiety. Bipolar. Any other you want to include. We stay quite. The person suffering as well as everyone around them. Until it’s too late. Then everyone wants to talk about it and ask questions and analyze everything. Where was that focus and concern and curiosity before? Perhaps if we stopped treating mental illness like something of a choice, something we can just will ourselves to get over and start looking at it for what it is: an illness. One that needs treatment and care. One that we can’t choose anymore than we can choose any other illness. One that shows no discrimination for race, gender, religion or social status. Anyone can be affected. And in the end, we all are.
Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.💔❤️

Happy birthday to my 2 year old baby bug💙🐾

Note to self📝 never doubt His plan✝️or His timing❤️

Some question don’t require doubt in my mind that I’d say yes to spending my forever with this man❤️
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You may see me pause but never stop, I was born without a brake pedal and I’m only warming up.

Note to self:

Stop living small. Stop dimming your light so it doesn’t shine in others’ eyes. Stop ignoring your passion and your path. Stop playing safe. Stop.... just stop🖤

Spent a beautiful day having fun at the track with @eric.harrison.79 🏁 got to go down in the pit and garage, up close to the cars🏎 all thanks to @abc_supply_co

Go all in for what’s important✨

Can I just sit outside all day when it’s warm and sunny☀️ Can it still be a #throwbackthursday if this was just yesterday? asking for a friend🤷🏻‍♀️

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