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Debayan  Ballad of my voyeur soul

She was cool and #funny ..

The greatest band I have ever seen #shotgunjazzband ... #nolajazz

I don't know him .. he looks like #tomhardy .. and he will drink and walk around .. and just from no where will get into some #gig to play #trombone .. and he will just take over with his solo.. one day he didn't have trombone .. fucker played a solo with an empty port wine bottle .. it's the most inane thing I have ever seen .. #nolamusicians

Guess she was #amazed ..#nolajazz

I am doing an #album cover for a #jazz band here ..suppose to be classy .. so everyone asked me to shoot in lovely architecture of #frenchquarter . And the band guys are in nice pin stripe suite. I refused to do that. I shot the cover behind a garbage disposal of a shanty part of New Orleans .. guess this this my last cover .. not sure if anyone else will hire me .. anyways it came out how I wanted .. that's more important ..

One of my favorite character on TV this year was VM Varga played by David Thewlis on #fargo season 3 ... i was working tonight when I saw this gentlemen who looks similar .. well I told him how he looks so similar to varga .. well he replied he played the character .. so we spoke for a while about the recent #emmys, #nolajazz , #fargo , Louis CK's new film and dumb jokes for my #standup ... such a lovely gentleman ..

A very southern thing - lets have kids when i have nothing .. lets have kids and never be responsible for them .. let my kid scream and I won't care about it .. lets have kids and everyone else gotta treat me different ... lets have #kids so that I can say you are #selfish and you are privileged being single .. keep having kids ..

God what a night part 2 #jazzsolo

There were some incredible #solo last night ... part 1 #neworleans #jazz

People brag about #newyork #vancouver #london #houston or my #hometown all the time .. like how much opportunity .. how much more money, how cool roads are .. no crime .. more jobs etc .. today I had a 4 course free meal at #harekrishna temple .. it was the best meal I had this week.. then I came here to this party with in 10 min .. for such incredible live music and people .. drinking 3 bucks a beer and dancing the night away .. can you do this anywhere else ?! U might eat good food in #queens then you take a fucken #subway to #manhattan to see a decent band ..music club full of only white people .. then pay entry fees and 15 bucks for a drink ..good luck to those who live up north in big cities ..and brag about it .. anyways such an amazing #pianoman

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