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De Crew  Dance ministers/Choreographers/deawesomecrew@gmail. com/ lives through dance.

When they thought it was the end,they never knew it was just the beginning.Don't give up,look up,there is glory ahead...#DAC

He doesn't need healing,He is the healer.He doesn't need deliverance,He is the deliverer,He doesn't need to be saved,He is the saviour.You can't lift Him,He is the lifter of men.You can't teach Him wisdom,He is the wisdom of the wise.You can't give him knowledge,He is the all knowing God.You can't help Him,He is the helper of man,You can't show him light,He is light Himself.He is the God of everything.He can do all things for and by himself but He can't worship and praise Himself.If God has been good to you,the heart of gratitude,a sacrifice of praise is what He deserves.Give Him praise,give him worship,He needs that from you.#DAC.

Always remember that you are beautiful with or without scars.Never settle for less rather push for more#About Saturday at Eko hotel#DAC#

You don't have to look it to get it,just see it and never stop trying to get it....DAC.

Talent and skill will take you to the battle front but it takes wisdom to keep you in the battle and also win you the battle...#Getwisdom#DAC#DemBoss
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Rejoice with others when they are succeeding,thank God with them,do not be jealous or envious of them it's their time,because when your own time will come,it will be an upgraded version of theirs......#The latter will always be better than the former#DAC#

True worship comes from a heart that believes and trust God.I believe and trust God that is why i worship Him even when i don't understand what He is up to or what He is doing.One thing i am confident of is that He never fails.So when the enemy thinks he is winning ,I just smile because i know God has been the one leading.....#DAC#

A product that is not serving the purpose for which it is made is discarded and trashed.Failure occurs when purpose is ignored,so nothing exist without purpose. You do not exist for yourself but for God to do His good pleasure.#WewillservetheLord#Weweremadeforthis#Toserveandbeserved.

When you work with best team,you don't just get a good result,you get the best and a creative result.#Dac all the way#aboutyesterday#Dolphinestate....

After you've discovered your talent,the inspiration,innovation,and the creativity,then you will realize that it takes practice and more practice to fly high...#DAC

Everything that matters in life must be built.Nothing good comes easy,so you must be ready to build that dream from the bottom to the top.#DAC.....

God might not use the same strategy,He used yesterday today,He is an unpredictable God,that's why you shouldn't live today on yesterday's oil.He is called a mysterious God because He works in mysterious ways and not just in one way...#DAC#EXTRAOIL#LIGHT

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