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De Crew  Dance ministers/Choreographers/deawesomecrew@gmail. com/ lives through dance.

After you've discovered your talent,the inspiration,innovation,and the creativity,then you will realize that it takes practice and more practice to fly high...#DAC

Everything that matters in life must be built.Nothing good comes easy,so you must be ready to build that dream from the bottom to the top.#DAC.....

God might not use the same strategy,He used yesterday today,He is an unpredictable God,that's why you shouldn't live today on yesterday's oil.He is called a mysterious God because He works in mysterious ways and not just in one way...#DAC#EXTRAOIL#LIGHT

He said to me son there is nothing new under the sun,everything that is now had once been.So pray to God to open your eyes to see what others do not see and the wisdom to modify what has been because nothing is new.....#DAC#TheENCOUNTER#WISDOM

When God prepares a table for you,just forget about who is shaking the table,as long as God is involved you will remain stable......#THE ENCOUNTER#LOL

More pictures from THE ENCOUNTER 2018. ..Tagged LOVE OVERTURNED LOST (LOL)

Pictures from THE ENCOUNTER 2018,#LOL...More still coming

Pictures from The Encounter 2018..#LOL.....More pictures coming...

To all our fans,friends, families and we'll wishers that honored our invite yesterday, we say thank you.Without you all De Awesome Crew wouldn't have gotten this far.We can't thank you enough but to pray that God bless you and meet you at the point of your need.Our utmost appreciation goes to @wordbasehq @ large.To every department of the church that supported us one way or the other,we say thank you and God bless you.To our Bishop and father,Bishop Humphrey Erumaka,may God continue to bless you,your family and your ministry abundantly.In Jesus name.And to our mama @realngoziorji thank you ma for honoring us with your presence.God will bless you....The Encounter 2018 was indeed a huge success. We look forward to 'InDavidsSteps 7'.


You can stream or watch THE ENCOUNTER 2018...tagged LOVE OVERTURNED LOST(LOL) via our Facebook Page DE AWESOME CREW....or our Instagram @deawesomecrew

About last night dress rehearsal.The stage is ready,we are ready.Come and see God at work....#LOL..THE ENCOUNTER 2018,tomorrow,sunday,22nd july.

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