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Saturday, October 27th the day my high school marching career ended for good. I have seen the bartlett band grow tremendously from where it was when I came in as a freshman. I came into a band of chaos that just barely got our show done before band masters and I'm leaving a band that made me more and more amazed throughout the season. I am so proud to know that I was part of such an amazing band. No band on planet earth is anything like the bartlett band. We are the most chaotic and insane and craziest kids on the planet and I love every single one of you guys. This band has been through darkness and light and is as strong as steel. The bartlett band is out of this world and it will live in my head as some of the most wonderful times of my life and not at all in Infamy.

I can't believe it's the last week of my high school marching band career. I have been doing this since freshman year and its amazing how much the band has changed and grown over these years just wow. Honestly marching band isnt my most favorite thing but I am gonna miss it so much. :(

"I'm not scared you're scared"

Finally got out of the house and had an amazing time!
P.S. I am definitely smiling I just dont smile with my teeth.

This is my family I would kill for them and die for them. I dont always like all of them but I would do anything for these people.

I can't believe how amazing my very last band camp was. I almost in tears it breaks my heart to know that this is my last time to experience it and like @matthew.901 always says "Last Time, Best Time."

I got my senior pictures back. Man life is moving too fast.

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