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+ | i love (1) man
i finished whitechapel like two days ago and it is one of my favourite series EVER please watch it (it’s on Netflix!!), it’s so painfully underrated + kent deserves the world (and chandler’s love)
(also this is so dark?? yikes)
#whitechapel #omgpage #whitechapelitv

posted an edit to youtube!! link in bioo

+ | merry christmas!!
ajasj it’s probably still christmas eve for most of you
cp for @crystalxskies
cc xxwodxx

+ | happy cos
cp for @malfoywho
no cc

+ | the golden circle
this is a bit shit sorryy
cc gytaket
dt kingsman grp

+ | beautiful trauma
phew finally edited hp?? also expect more ig edits bc i’ve been really inspired lately!!
cc gytaket
ib rxa91 + lohanthien
dt nathan ilyy [@dracxnis]

i’m posting at a horrible time ee
but anyway here’s a cp
cc & ib lxd

posted my birthday collab!! link in bio

what it’s like to have ocd
just uploaded this to youtube!! link in bioo
cc lxd

happy halloween!!
i’m going slightly mad
cp for queen studios

you can’t stop me
cp for mariabesson
no cc
fc 2,274
i love a badass queen

i posted this on youtube (which is in my bio) but if you want any of the parts comment below!! (the third one is an example style) (closed)

saturday night’s alright for fighting
cc @disasxter
fc 4,267
link in bio for full version!!

just a preference
style a little ib @xheartbeats
dt @nitegray
cc jxw
fc 4,241
wow!! it’s not a collab part!!

everything black
cp for ohwonder
some effects ib disasxter
no cc
fc 4,243

all day
for afterlives.
cc rxa91
fc: 4,248

ok so i just saw gc + fuck bitch!!! that was so good i'm literally in shock and harry was the fucking cutest at the start i'm just going to edit the kingsman series and only the kingsman series for the rest of my life

cp for @royalvalkyrie
fc 4,241
cc rxa91
also i am going to see kingsman golden circle today n i am beyond excitedd

runaround sue
cc jxw
for full - link in bio!!

posted a video on my youtube!! go watchh 💘

does anyone know any good movies based in the 40s/50s/60s? 💘💘

the cutest
this is rlly short soRRY
no coloring ee

I forgot to post this months ago bc of that ugly noise in the middle I was too lazy to remove but anyway

— cp for crimsonsky
cc janesxwonderland
i tried some new effects n i'm proud of this wowow
fc 2,216

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