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katie jean  eternally trying to find my way back to a culver's ✨🧀

I discovered a drive (thanks @shopwhurl !!) to send letters of solidarity and hope to children detained by the United States Government. Please send letters (in English or Spanish) and/or teddy bears to:
Operation Comfort
4470 West Sunset Blvd
Box #217
LA, CA 90027

If you don’t have stationery or stamps, please message me with what you’d like to put in the card and I’ll take care of it.
Other ways to help that are easy: donate to @aclu_nationwide, become a member of @demsocialists, and organize/volunteer/protest

do you know what it means to miss New Orleans? 🎺

a picture Luke sent me 🖤

possibly my favorite doughnut and sign ever🇨🇭🍩🇨🇭

just had the most perfect birthday weekend with everything i had hoped for and then some. a gigantic thank you to everyone who wished me well and came to celebrate with me!! we forgot to take a group pic because we were having so much fun but i snapped this at the end of the festivities yesterday 🍺🍀✨💌


😤 d r e a m t e a m 😤 partners in design @aaadnamaaa
pc: @jacob_behling

I just really love Valentine’s Day 💌💖💋
pencil, scarlet (read: fuschia) ink with a brush

your pussy hats are trans-exclusionary.
do better and listen to woc, trans women/non binary folks/the LGBTQAI+ community at large, non able-bodied people, sex workers, undocumented citizens, immigrants, incarcerated people, etc etc

maybe you’re not where you want to be in your life yet but you have plans for making new art soon and your boyfriend is heating up deep dish pizza and you’re serving up this look anyway

home is where i want to be but i guess i’m already there

we have been dating for 2 whole years!! wowza is all i can say

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