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Josan  Glory to The Machine! The Ministry informs: Future is Now - Neon Rising 3RD preorders start next thursday 19th at:

This is still a WIP, color is in progress but I wanted to show you how the front of the VHS case for Neon Rising is gonna look... Im really excited about it, i think this is asking for a poster release too 😚🤔 for more info

Greetings Robo-Citizens, the day if finally here, I've launched a big wave of Pre-Orders for T-shirts, 3RD printing of Neon Rising and the Future is Now soundtrack in Casette and CD! This image is the cover for the CD / Casette release, I also have a new option for Neon Rising with a VHS style cardboard case (will be showing you the artwork soon)

as usual you'll find everything at - And again thanks everybody for the outstanding support regarding The Future is Now brand, you are excellent!

Glory to The Machine!

"Bitches, leave" - The Robocop x Mondo x Josan poster is out now at Mondo's website, the color variant is already sold out so grab a copy of the main version before it's gone. Can you flyyyyy Bobby?

The design for a second tshirt that will be on preorder soon, featuring another char from the future is now book
Im liking this white, fresh option, whats the general opinion on white tshirts?

Save the date, you asked for it and it will happen ;) ill be at @roadsec in Sao Paulo next november as a guest. Will be speaking and signing, and I will have copies of The Future is Now book too for sale.

And for my friends in the US I will be in Portland for Rose City Comic Con too in September, very excited about all this :)

Coming soon //

I dont think ive posted this one here yet, I created this cover for the Brazilian edition of Lock In by John Scalzi, published by @editoraaleph // graphic design by @pedroinoue

Some wip with Sai, designing jackets is fun

Yai we made it! The book is now sold out, and all remaining orders go out today, this is a small gift for those last two customers, and merch gifts for everybody also! - I will be launching preorders for the 3rd edition in a couple weeks also together with preorders for t-shirts and > casettes and cds with the Future is Now OST if all goes as planned. Very excited about that, again thank you for your continued support, which allows me to keep expanding the Future is Now universe and remain independent

As usual check for the info on the new things to come, there is a newsletter you can subscribe to!

"Escape from New Dallas" / almost a full secuence from Future is Now - Neon Rising, where Sai and Jana make their escape from The Game is Death, a mad max style reality show created by the evil minds of The Network

I love the slide/multiple pictures feature, so let me use it until we all puke.
Also remember we are on the last few copies of the book at
You can also wait for the third edition, if you are of the waiting kind

Oldie that I had never posted as a slide
We are on the last copies of The Future is Now - Neon Rising 2nd edition, which includes this double splash / avaliable at

Featuring Sai Zhang, Zero One and the Mini-President

There will be a third edition ofc and more surprises along the way
Soundtrack: The Agonist - Panophobia

Are you ready for Sai's return
cue in guitar solo

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