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Asian Tigers  The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday ...

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I am very humbled/blessed to grow up in Philippine CrossFit community. Remembering so clearly, how I started almost 3 years ago as rookie at home box @southsidefitnesscebu
I am still learning a lot from veteran athletes and supportive community in the PH. Thank you all.

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Battle of The Strongest 2018 Movie coming soon! Here's a teaser with @whatsrockdoing Rocky's successful lift for 285 on WOD3 The Mystery Complex!

Video by @perkinpumpkin


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MONGOLIAN MONSTER. Feat. RX athlete, @whatsrockdoing of @southsidefitnesscebu.

Photo by @wod_chaser.
The ESPN 5 Manila Throwdown 2018 Individual Edition is Co-Presented by Nagaraya, GoWell, Mega Tuna, Fit 'n Right, Tanduay Athletics and Epik Enterprises.

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The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.
Back to Back Champion
@affiliatealliance #FITTEST IN 2017 and 2018.
Grateful to stand on podium with those 2 powerful men @justigas @malambengz. Congratulations to all the athletes, judges, and organizers for very successful event which aim to gather and extend Crossfit community in this country. It is always nice feeling to see old friends and make new ones.
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Another victory and great memory in the book of 2018.
I'm not the Champ on podium but I am in my heart.
This was the moment when I felt proud of my hard work, dedication and sportmanship. Respect to my coach @headcoach.k for guiding me to be better athlete and helping me to reach my full potential.
Congrats and thanks to my fellow competitors for sharing the floor over weekends, it was honour to compete against calibre athletes. 💪
Big respect to organizers:
@sunnyconde @mykeeparadies
I have observed how hard you all worked last few months to make this event epic and I witnessed one of the big yet well organized competition in Asia. -
Big thanks to my family, team, home box and sponsors for the endless support:
1. @southsidefitnesscebu
2. @dietinabox
3. @wodx_ph
4. @loveyogaworld -
Thanks to people who are generous enough to give advices and guide me:
1. @zooma123
2. @lisareneestevens
3. @coachken_ck90
4. @coach_gaps.garcia

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Short clip of yesterday's training.
Noon session
1. Snatch Balance×1×5
275# 285# 295# 300# 315#
2. "Isabel" RxD
Evening session
1. Deficit HSPU 7RM
2. Front squat×1×5
335# 345# 365# 365# 365#F
Programming from world class coach @headcoach.k -
Getting ready for upcoming competitions on May. 💪💪💪
1. @manilathrowdown
2. @affiliatealliance
3. @battleofthestrongest -
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