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Is it too soon for #throwback thingy from Sunday issue? Or should it be just a #latepost ? Anyhow, I hope you enjoy it. πŸ’– πŸ“· @siadit.wicak @onestopfootballofficial

We have so many excuses not to do sport. But we only need one motivation to conquer it. What's your motivation? To be healthy? Toned and firmed? Or simply wanna look good and feel happy? What if, you can have it all!
Pound Fit! It is cardio combined with pilates. It's time to challenge yourself to do a workout without worries.

Ow, speaking of challenge.. Pengen ajakin teman2 buat ikutan "Pound Body by Ultra Boomerang Challenge" , 90 orang pemenang terpilih akan ikutan Pound, lead by @lailamunaf .
Caranya :
πŸ₯‡ follow instagram @netmediatama dan @bodybyultra πŸ₯ˆ rekam video boomerang waktu kamu sedang melakukan gerakan Pound Fit (kalo nggak ada Ripstix, boleh pake sumpit, pensil, sendok garpu, atau apa saja) Just be creative. πŸ₯‰ Upload dengan caption seru, daaaaan....mention ke @netmediatama @bodybyultra , hashtag : #poundbodybyultra
Ditunggu sampai 28 Juli 2017. Pemenang akan diumumkan tanggal 1 Agustus 2017, jam 20.00 WIB, hanya di NET.
Hayuklah bikin videonya, biar keren juga kayak bu @lailamunaf niiiy, motivasinya harus kuat yaa (sebenernya ini ngomong ke diri sendiri) 😁 Mine is just uploaded. I challenge you to do so, @dianayulestari @tepteptep @jessicamayola @sisca_cute @ciscabecker ⚑️🀘

Thank you for the greets and the wishes on our anniversary day. That strengthens our bonds and so heart warming to know we are loved.
Yes our wedding date is on the same day with Hari Anak Nasional. So we celebrate it twice : just me and my hubby, and then four of us. We don't want to miss any moment. It's about quality time, yes?

But as parents, quality time with kids should be everyday, every moment. Especially weekend. Please mark your calendar for the upcoming event that you could enjoy with the whole family.

Can't wait to take the kids to enjoy Art Jakarta 2017 this weekend. So many interesting programs like Wayang Potehi performance art and workshop for kids, such as basic potery workshop or Potehi themed puppet making.

Don't miss it!
Art Jakarta 2017
July 27-30, 2017
Grand Ballroom The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place

#artjakarta2017 #baj2017 #artfair #indonesiasenirupa #artexhibition #contemporaryart

Time for One Stop Football now. Who's ready?
. πŸ“· @siadit.wicak

13 years of marriage life, tiap mau kasih surprise ke istrinya pasti tanpa sengaja udah keburu ketauan duluan. Surprise ultah or anniversary. Hihihi... Never mind, we have many years to come. Surprise me (again) next time! πŸ’› Aku padamu @johnnyvott 😜

Since that day, you're my today and my tomorrows. My entire and eternal. Even we're not always think alike, I'm glad we always think together.
And I think, you always look younger. (than me). Rrrrgghh! πŸ˜…

Happy Anniversary, Popai @johnnyvott ! Doesn't feel like 13 years huh? Hihihi.. (Di tahoen itoe, alis tipis menoekik adalah sesoeatoe. Dan saya pertama kali pakai boeloe mata palsoe.) #anniversary #marriage #13years #love #life #blessed #blissful

Serupa Tapi Tak Apa. Pengennya sih kembaran juga stamina nya. 😜

First time to be back again to Pound Class, adrenaline rush and endorphins flows. Plus, this girl letting me rocking Trifecta. This morning, an hour doesn't feel like 60 minutes.
Saturday morning well spent! Thank you @tariwirtjes βš‘οΈπŸ’š #poundwithtari #pound #rockoutworkout #poundpro #poundicon #adidaswoman #adidas

Accidentally color syncs! Atlit Pound nih yaaaa πŸ˜† ▢️ @tariwirtjes @ersamayori @rianaree @novitaangie

No matter how sweaty you are, strike a pose would never be a problem.
The newlywed Pound instructor @tariwirtjes says "2 anak cukup"

Oke. Kode. @kidthelearner 😜

It's good to be back! Bener-bener sebulan enggak masuk kelas pound. 😁

Apalah aku dibanding 2 orang disebelahku ini, amazing women yg rajin banget olahraga... *minder *TAPIPENGENKAYAKGITU

Wish you have a wonderful weekend!

#saturday #weekend #sweat #excercise #poundfit #healthy #fit #glow #rock

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