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Jada Nguyen  Life is as grand as you make it NC'19

Super late to posting but what's new? Wearing the cutest visor from @maydamerica! PC: @yen.visuals

Here's my attempt at taking beach pictures that turned out low quality🙃

Happy birthday little kiddo. Can't believe you're already 9. Don't grow up too fast. Spoiled lil' thing, don't forget we love you! 💖👯

Big head and lookin' like a lime.

Can you spot me? PC: @phiorpie

Here's a genuine moment of me getting lost and laughing about it. PC: @yen.visuals

Bear with me for the messy desk and long blurb. The thought of perfection has always been a huge goal for me since high school. I've grown to realize it's okay not to be, and I'll continue to learn to love myself for the way I am. I've been working on improving my health, physically and mentally. I discovered love for different things I would've never thought I would. I'm glad I did. 🌷

Since it's been so gloomy... throwback to when it was 90 degrees in Vietnam. Missing the pool too much right now ☹️I have a love and hate relationship with the sun...

Happy Tuesday everyone! 🤗 Bothering her already so early in the day. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Not sure what I was really reaching for, but doesn't the green just look beautiful? 🌿✨PC: @nguyen.ko

Happy Mother's Day to my mom! "She's the best mommy ever!", quotes taken from my siblings. She always bothers me to take a selfie with her, so don't think she hates taking them with me. I just take them at the wrong time 🤷🏽‍♀️ Regardless, I would take a thousand to make her happy. So would my siblings. Believe me... there have been times. It's funny, she doesn't show me her love in hugs and kisses, she shows me them in different actions that are more than enough. Kind of toughened me up 😎 I wouldn't have it any other way. I see her go to the gym, work day to night, and still pulls off the way she looks at her age (which I will not reveal because she'll kill me). Let's not forget my grandma who is in the last picture. She is so strong and caring even if she seems like she's yelling all the time... just like my mom... it's all out of love. I love them both. Okay, enough with this long post. Happy Mother's Day everyone! 💖💃🏽

Grainy and not the best quality photo but that's okay. This was a good night. Spent it walking around Boston and admiring the city with each other, plus Arben who was ahead of us. 🙆🏽

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